Introduction: and better functioning. By default, the surgery leads

Introduction: Your vagina is a muscle and a cavity. It is designed in a way to deliver a baby through it and has the tendency to revive to its initial shape. If you have a medical condition or under no proper care, your vagina will remain loose. Also when the muscles weaken, your vagina tends to get less tight.

 The good news is, these muscles can be exercised to maintain or regain a good muscle tension. Exercises using Yoga and Pilates will help your whole body and your pelvic floor, but there are other ways that exist to help in this regard. We should be grateful for the advancement in research of medical science that today we are gifted with reliable aesthetic surgeries like Vaginal Rejuvenation. What is Vaginal Rejuvenation: Vaginal rejuvenation, which is also known as vaginoplasty or vaginal reconstruction is a surgery that is mainly done for the improved appearance, feel and functioning of the vulva and vagina. It is the latest and discretional surgery, it helps a woman get a vagina with toned walls and better functioning. By default, the surgery leads to a better experience during intercourse too. Generally, vaginoplasty and labiaplasty come together for surgical vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginoplasty engages with constricting and fixing of the vagina while labiaplasty includes restructuring or restyling the outer/inner lips of the vagina.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a reliable cosmetic surgery procedure and it helps women revive back their vagina that is almost similar to a young vagina. Due to this reason, it is sometimes also known as vaginal tightening surgery as well.The most popular method of vaginal reconstruction is laser vaginal tightening which is a non-surgical process using lasers.   Why should you do vaginal rejuvenation?No one among us can stop time or age. All of us grow old each day. Our bodies show signs and symptoms towards our growing age. Especially, women who have been through natural childbirth and those, who have entered into the later years of their age, observe significant changes in their genitals.A lose, or saggy vagina is one such symptom that often leaves many women depressed.

This is often known as vaginal relaxation. In vaginal relaxation, the muscles of vagina get loosened, going beyond the normal elasticity.The internal and external vaginal diameters increase in size. The vaginal muscles also become weak and poor toned. Poor toned, weak and loose vaginal muscles lead to dissatisfaction with sexual fulfillment and other physical health problems.

Vaginal reconstruction surgery can help in dealing with this condition and restore the vagina to normal condition.When can you consider vaginal rejuvenation:l Your vaginal structures saggy and have become more sloppy due to aging, weight loss or pregnancies.l You have discomfort from scarring as a result of previous genital surgeries.l You have stress urinary incontinence and wish to combine a “vaginal lift” with a corrective procedure.l You desire a sleeker, more refined contour to your labia and vulva. Benefits -The non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation using different method that offers various benefits to women such as: l Your vagina and surrounding muscles will return to nearly the tightness you had in your youth or before pregnancies.l A re-contoured, trim vagina may boost your self-confidence.l You may find that wearing clothing, such as bikini bottoms or panties, is enhanced by your sleek new shape.

l Significant enhancement of vaginal musclesl Improved, healthy and toned vaginal musclesl Reduced size of internal & external vaginal diametersl Improved and enhanced sexual gratificationl Getting vagina back to its normal conditionl Feeling apt sensation during intercourse and thus, enjoying a satisfying pleasure in sex.l Increased confidence in wearing dresses that show up your improved shape through surgical vaginal rejuvenation.  Treatment:Laser Vaginal Tightening- Non-Surgical Vaginal RejuvenationLaser vaginal tightening, also known as LVR (Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation) is a safe and efficient non-surgical process involving lasers for vaginal reconstruction. That means the process is non-invasive and do not involve heavy cuts or bleeding.

They use lasers to make incisions and promote the growth of collagen to revive the vagina to initial condition.The process involves less bleeding and also, does not need tissue clamping. It aims at helping women in improving the appearance and health of their vagina.

The normal delivery, old age, and several other reasons can give rise to a more relaxed vagina that leads to dissatisfaction in sexual desires. The laser vaginal tightening strengthens and tightens vagina for improved results in sexual fulfillment.Laser vaginal rejuvenation is not only associated with sexual contentment.

Rather, this process also helps women who undergo urinary incontinence. This includes the unintentional loss of urine during sneezing, laughing, coughing, etc. The LVR or laser vaginal rejuvenation helps you get a young, strong, better and normal vagina while treating problems like urinary incontinence.       Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Procedure and Features:  You must have an open discussion with your doctor regarding every aspect of laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure before you decide to go with it. l It is an outpatient procedure in which general anesthesia is used along with a pudendal block. A pudendal block is a nerve block that numbs the entire vaginal area.

It also helps in controlling the postoperative pain of LVR for around 24 hrs.l A solution called tumescent fluid is injected into vaginal walls. This is done to achieve almost bloodless surgery.

That is why it is also called non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation.l The dissections or incisions during the surgery is done through a laser. The vaginal muscles are also tightened with the help of sutures as per the expectation of patient.Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Characteristics :l Generally, it is a two hours procedure. The duration actually depends on the level of vaginal relaxation and chosen treatment by the patient.l Like any other surgery, the LVR also involves certain risks and side effects of scarring, numbness of vaginal area and few more. A detailed consultation with your doctor will help you know and prepare about LVR.

You may go back to normal routine in a week.l The price of vaginal reconstruction surgery varies from person to person. It is important that you pay more attention to qualification and experience of the doctor for vaginal rejuvenation instead of paying too much attention to price.     Why choose Dr.

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