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Introduction In this assignmentI will be explain what is solid work? And I will be explaining the advantagesand disadvantages of solid work, also I will be explaining what I learned andwhat I did in my lecture classes that involved solid work. I will also beexplaining why choose solid work over auto cad and I will explain how to usesolid work in a simple form. What is solid work?Solid workis a 3 dimensional computer aided design modelling software it is similar infunction to auto desk inventor and PTC creo. What sets these software packagesapart from other software packages like google sketch up is that they areparametric. Parametric means that there are parts that can be changed ormodified during and after the part is created. This allows for modification tobe made easily to the part in the event the change is needed so you don’t needto delete the part just to change it, but then again you will need to think howto make the part before even getting started. Solid work is used to makeelectronic models of parts and dissembles this is most commonly done for product design anddevelopment, these models can be used to check fit and function before makingphysical prototypes, they can also simulate loading conditions to verifystrength and design, these are a few of the many uses.

Advantages of solid work So there aremany advantages for solid work for instance it is cheap so not only bigcompanies can afford it also independent contractors can also afford it, alsouniversities can also afford it as well as colleges for students to learn howto use it Solid worksis also reliable because more than 3,246,750 worldwide engineers and productdesigners use solid work and with at least 240,010 organizations use itworldwide (reference So thosenumbers alone just go to show that solid work is reliable, because if it wasnot then those figures would not be so high. Solid workis simple to use because solid work has a built-in intelligence so meaning thatsolid work can accelerate your design process, so for instance if you had twoparts of separate drawing solid work can get those two parts and simply canattach them together and make just one part instead of two. With solidwork you can create 2D and 3D drawings with automatics updates.

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So if you werelooking for a quick and simple drawing you can go for 2D, or if you wanted amore complex and more professional drawing you can use the 3D drawing With solidwork you can easily send your work by using emails by just saving your work andsending your saved document through email, this can be used for business,educational, or other purpose. Disadvantages of solid work There are many disadvantages of using Solid work, forinstance when you might be working on a very important project your computercould crash suddenly and you can loss all your work and may need to restart ifnot saved. Another disadvantage would be that your computer can get anunexpected virus or your computer could get hacked and if that happens there isa high chance of not getting your data back and that may lead you to start allover again. Experts would suggest for you to mirror your work meaning that yourwork should be saves in multiple hard drives in different location to preventany work from being stolen.

Another disadvantage of solid work would be that, for somepeople it may take a long time for them to learn the basic. For someone tolearn solid works they will need to be trained from someone and that will cost,or they can self-teach themselves and that may even take longer. There is thetime and cost of training staff to teach other people to learn as well. Electricity is compulsory as in some countries around theworld as some suffer from power shortages. At any moment if you are in one ofthose countries you can lose power and if you lose power, you lose electricityand if you lose electricity you lose your unsaved work. Another disadvantage for using solid work is that is notcompatible with a Mac platform and that it only works on a Windows platform.And with the many operating systems it only works with Windows 7, Window 8,window 9 and windows 10.

  What I learned in myLecture class involving Solid work On the 18th November 2017 my Lecture taught theclass about Solid work. Solid work is a software that is highly comparable toAutoCAD that lets you to draw 2D and 3D shapes for instance bridges, buildings,mechanisms and etc… at the start of my lecture my whole class was sat down andtaking notes on how start up Solid work.Once we were comfortable to use solid work we were givensmall tasks by the lecture to complete to prepare us for the real task in handonce we completed the practice drawings. The small practice drawings were tosee how good our skills were so that if you were ready you can move on to thenext tasks, however if you were not then the lecture would of gave you moresupport until you were. Once we were ready our main tasks was draw a gearboxwith the components ready to use, so what we had to do is to attach the rightcomponent to its correct position and once that is complete you would haveyourself a gearbox.

Why choose solid workover Auto Cad Solid work has more advanced surfacing features than Autocadfor instance: Create mid surfaces, create organic shapes, create planarsurfaces, Deviation analysis, freeform radiation surface, Gaussian analysis andmuch more, however Auto Cad has none of those features.  Another reason why to choose Solid work overAuto cad is that it supports more languages than auto Cad. Solid work has arange of simulation packages as auto cad has no simulation tools included. How to use Solid workin a simple form. History of solid In the year 1993 the founder of solid works Jon Hirschtick employeda team of engineers in the hopes of making 3D CAD technology more manageable.  In the year 1995 marked the release year ofsolid works software, and within two months it was gaining reputation andallowing engineers to gain advantage of 3D CAD so that way Solid works was winningaccolades for ease-of-use.