This chapter discuss about the
background of the study, scope and limitation, formulation of the problem, objective
of the study, significant of the study.

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In Indonesia,
English has became the part of important subject to teach and learn from
Elementay School up to university. School Based Curriculum (Depdiknas:2006),
which is applied by goverment for all schools in Indonesia, lead the students
to have real life skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Writing is
the one of important in English Learning. Ariyanti (2016:2) stated that writing
is one of the most important aspects in English language acquisition. Teaching
writing has its own challenges since there are some steps and requirements that
teachers should prepare to undertake in the classroom.  Writing is the manner  for the students who have limited confidence
to speak in public or in the classroom. In the real situation, the students
have a personal different, the teacher should teach writing and speaking in
balance so that the students will have a good ability in both writing and

Beside that, the goal of teaching
English and the situation in the field, the teacher have to teach English
writing because it is the one of important skill as other skills. According to
Harmer (1998:79) said that the most important reason for teaching writing, is
that it is a basic language skill, just as important as speaking, listening and

Writing is a
important skill to master. In writing skill, students still get some difficulties
. The first problem in grammatical understanding. The difficulty that the
students found usually in tenses, because the different tenses are different
role. In every tenses have the different funtion too. The students who have
limited understanding about tenses or lack of vocabulary, it will be confusing.
The second problem student’s idea about what to write or how to develop it. The
last problem is the organization of the ideas. Most of students still doubt
that they want to write but the do not know how to start it first. Diharyono’s
statement as quoted by Markhamah (2013) said that students know or have an
ideas what they are going to write but they do do not know how to put them into
the words. They also still much confused to connect or put the ideas what they
get into a coherent paragraph. So that the students do not know how to start it
and how to finish it. Those difficulties are related to the aspects of writing;
content, organization, vocabulary, grammar and mechanics. In other words the
teache should teach them writing because they still face the difficulties on
learning writing.

For those reasons, because of
the student’s difficulties in learning writing, the researcher chooses the
technique to make easier for the students in writing. In activity of learning,
a technique can make a teaching learning process more useful. There for, the
students can be more creative to compose paragraph. There are many techniques
that can be used in teaching writing. One of them is guided question technique.
According to Traver (1998:70) a guiding question is the fundamental query that
directs the search for understanding. Everything in the curiculum is studied
for the purpose of unswering it. This technique provides a list question that
can make students think about the topic. This technique purposed to lead  about what students to write. By using guided
question technique, the students will not be confused how to write because they
have guidance in its process. In this case, a previous research on
guiding question technique was conducted by Muhayyinah (2012) to find out
whether any differences between the implementation of guiding question
technique and traditional technique in teaching writing among students year X
at SMK NU Lamongan. The result showed that it is more effective to use guiding
question technique in teaching writing. She stated that by implementing guiding
question the students will be more motivated in writing. It makes the students
feel like writing is not a difficult activity since guiding question helps the
students to organize their idea when they have to write. The result of those
studies suggests that guiding question technique is good to be implemented by
the teacher. Different from the previous researches, this current research
explores in particular writing in the form of recount text because recount text
is a text that retells past event or something which happened in the past.

Based on the background above,
the researcher would like to conduct research entitled The Implimentation of
Guided Question in Teaching Writing Recount Text at Junior High School.


As the scope
in this research, the writer will discuss about the imolementation of guided
question in teaching writing recount text at Junior High School. This research
is planned to be conducted on the eight grade of MTs N 1 KOTA CIREBON.

Based on the
problem mentioned above, for the limitation the writer only wants to find out
wether if there is a significant the difference the student’s recount text
writing ability after the implementation of guided question technique at the
eight class of MTs N 1 KOTA CIREBON?


The problem of this study can be
formulated as follows:

Is the used of guided question in teaching
recount text effective for the students?

How is the implementation guided question
technique in writing recount text?

Is there any significant the difference the
student’s recount text writing ability after the implementation of guided
question technique?


To know the used of guided question in teaching
recount text effective for the students.

To find out the implementing of guided question
technique in writing recount text.

To know the significant difference the students
recount text writing ability after the implementation of guided question



Basically, this research is
conducted to provide benefit for the students, especially for the teachers, as
well as for my self as a writer.


This research can be used as a
reference and support that guiding question technique can be applied in
teaching writing and to know students writing ability especially in writing
recount text.


This research can be used as consideration
for the English teachers to applied guided question as a technique in teaching