Information with the growing competitive world around, companies have

InformationSystem: These articles summarizes on how theInformation System have evolved over time and how well it was adopted in eachperiod.

There is a breakdown on the technologies were introduced and how theywere received over time.  Evolution:Starting in the 1960’s the articlesdescribes how IS was adopted for Accounting purposes only. This was a keyfeature to start off since accounting was the most strenuous job. Users had tomanually enter data in the system.  Eventhough Information Systems on accounting were introduced, simple math problemsonce resolved had to hand written which lead to the need of the MaterialResource Planning (MRP) system.

Over the period of the time, users realizedthat MRP had a few constraints. One of them included the data capacity, whichis of course one of the most important ones. It lead to the introduction of MRPII.

It was able to handle the management requirements and all the planningneeded in an organization. Integration to the other system still seemed to bean issue.  The article throws some light on theintroduction of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

This was introduced in thelate 2000’s. They were able to support all the basic activities related tobusiness, accountings and day-to-day operations. ERP II kicked in with a wholenew agenda and functionalities.

It was able to integrate with the othersystems,. Trends:The articles also speak about the currenttrends of the Information Systems.In order to keep a pace with the growingcompetitive world around, companies have been striving to create a bettersystem to meet their daily needs and to optimize their work.

Articles mentionsome examples on how each system has helped different segments of thecompanies. Payroll generation has been a boon to the accounting industry.E-commerce has changed the way people shop. They no longer have to go to thestore anymore. Information Systems have made things easier for the common man.

 The article concludes with confirming howthe Information systems are a boon to the industry at every level. Also itlooks at how well the businesses have embraces it in every segment.