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Information Systems have become the backbone of every organization. Advancement in the way inwhich information is stored, maintained and effectively utilized to make important decisions hasinvariably helped the organizations increase their productivity and simplify the daily operations. Mycurrent experience of working in an ERP System has made me realize the importance of InformationSystem in the organization and how any data pertinent to the business is stored and maintained on thesystem and can be effectively analyzed to help the organization make effective strategic decisions. Eventhough my experience has helped me gain confidence in my technical ability, I wish to gain the requiredbusiness knowledge and technical expertise in the field of Business Intelligence that would help me inmy goal of becoming a BI Analyst.

I feel that a Master’s degree in Information System Management withBIDA concentration would help me in achieving that goal.My love of computers and technology started in high school when I was first introduced to C++ andmicroprocessor 8085. Following that, I completed my Bachelors of Engineering in InformationTechnology from the University of Mumbai.

During the four years of my engineering, subjects likeComputer Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms, Internet Programming, etc. helped me strengthenmy programming and problem-solving skills. While studying subjects like simulation and modeling, andmathematics, I realized how statistics and probability can be used to predict and estimate variousscenarios in the real world. Courses like Database Management, Data warehouse, Data Mining andBusiness Intelligence provided the fundamental understanding of database systems and SQL queries andhow the stored data can be analyzed to identify interesting patterns and assist the organizations indevising strategies.Not wanting to restrict myself to just the classroom lectures and curriculum, I started reading varioustechnical papers and magazines based on topics such as data mining, text mining and artificialintelligence. For my final year project, I chose to implement plagiarism detection software where weaimed to identify the similar portions of the code between two or more Java programs and calculate anddisplay the percentage of plagiarized content between the two codes.

After extensively researchingvarious techniques using which this could be achieved such as finding similarity in lexical tokens, parsetree graphs, data graphs, control graphs, etc., we finally chose the lexical similarity technique toimplement our project. My teammate and I also published a technical paper titled “Plagiarism Detectionin Source Code” in the ‘International Journal for Innovative Research in Science and Technology’.

After graduation, I wanted to get hands-on experience in the IT industry to test and apply my knowledgein a practical scenario before venturing for a master’s degree and hence, I commenced working withInfosys Limited in August 2015. During the first few months at Infosys, I was given a formal corporatelevel training where I gained proficiency in Python, Java, SQL, Hibernate ORM, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaServer Faces. As part of the training, I developed two applications – PyChat, a chat application usingPython and JCart, an online shopping website using Java, JSF, and Hibernate.

The training period alsoinvolved learning tableau software where I learned how to visualize, represent and analyze data togenerate reports and dashboards that would ultimately help a business in making important strategicdecisions. Post completion of training, I started working as a Senior Systems Engineer at Infosys. I am currentlyworking on JD Edwards ERP system. Initially, I was a part of the analysis team responsible for identifying,reporting and resolving data quality issues that affect the business processes. After that, I moved to thetechnical team where my primary responsibility was to understand and analyze the changing businessrequirements and provide the most efficient solution.

My responsibilities also include developing and/orincorporating any enhancements in the existing application modules to meet the changing businessrequirement and coordinating with the cross-functional teams such as ARIBA or Redwood to identifyand resolve issues related to data or interfacing programs to ensure smooth interfacing with JDEdwards. My frequent interactions with the business users while working on this project has helped meunderstand business processes and has enhanced my ability to provide new and efficient businesssolutions.My long-term goal is to work as a BI Analyst and later, as a Consultant helping an organization to identifyexisting/non-existing trends by analyzing the business data and thereby, helping them strategize andplan the future of the organization. As a step towards achieving that goal, I wish to gain the necessarytechnical skills and business expertise. I feel that the Masters in Information System Management withthe concentration in BIDA track offered by the Carnegie Mellon University is most aligned with my goals.

Courses like Machine Learning for Problem Solving, Unstructured Data Analytics, Organizational Designand Implementation, Decision Making under Uncertainty and Accounting, Programming R for Analytics,Data-Focused Python and Finance Foundations would help me develop my technical and managerialskills and business knowledge. I’m looking forward to working on the Data Analytics Capstone projectand Summer Internship which would help me gain hands-on industry experience.My educational and professional background would help me in utilizing the resources and facilitiesoffered by your university to the best of my ability.

I look forward to being associated with Heinz Collegeas a student for the “MISM-BIDA” track, Fall 2018.