Information control system (ICS). ERP software was developed which

Information system (IS) is continuously evolved with time. In 1960, people are using minicomputer after that computer, laptop and nowadays people are using tablet, mobiles etc.

In older days organization using conventional accounting system and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software) in their business (Gil Gómez, Arango, Oltra Badenes 2010). Today, most of the organization including small and big firm both started using Amazon (Amazon Web Service), Salesforce ( and various google offering for date storage and retrieval (Hinchcliffe, 2009). This is the great example of evolution of information system over the time.            The evolution and trend of information system in business management was step by step explained in this article (Gil Gómez, Arango, Oltra Badenes 2010). Initially most of the organization using tradition accounting system for the purpose of manageinvoice, paying and collecting etc.

After that companies are more focusing researching on development of inventory control system (ICS). ERP software was developed which includes accounting and finance, logistic, sales marketing, human resource (HR), warehouse management, planning and project management.  After that ERP II was developed which is useful for interacting with external environment of business. ERP II includes Electronic commerce (B2B, B2C), Customer relation management (CRM), Supply chain, Business intelligence (BI) and Product Life Management.

Recent Advances in Information system for Company Management            There are two main driving factor for advancement in Information system. First, functional line advance which include adding new function within software. Second, Technical line which incorporate new technology in IS. The function line includes Customer relationship management, human resource management, business intelligence and electronic commerce (e-commerce). Technical function includes open programming, layer programing structure and system architecture. Nowadays, e commerce and m-commerce (mobile commerce) growing rapidly which helps organization to always connected with their valued customer (Gil Gómez, Arango, Oltra Badenes 2010).            Second article is just extension of advancement of information system i.e.

, cloud computing. Cloud computing has been proven one of the critical driving factor for success of an organization. There are many benefits of cloud computing like reduce maintenance cost, improve efficiency, economy of scale, reduce cost, easier maintenance and upgradation and ease of access. It will also give opportunity to organization for outsourcing their own work.

Cloud computing also helps company to innovate new model, new ideas and new product and service (Hinchcliffe, 2009).            Both article are examples of the evolution of information system over the time. In first article author mention about the time series evolution of information system in field of business management.

In older day’s people using accounting software for their daily task. Then they started use of ERP software which include interaction with inbusiness environment and among external environment.  Most of organization using software like customer relation management, product life management and human resource to increase the efficiency. Second article is about cloud computing which is most recent advancement in information system.Conclusion:            Information technology is constantly changing over the time. People started using accounting software then they switched to ERS software.

In today’s era e-commerce and m-commerce are growing rapidly due to greater connectivity with customer. Customer can access particular app at any time, any place and anywhere in world.