Individual will do the first and last elements and

Individual Reflective ReviewThe Purpose of this project was How a social media campaign can grow interest in the University.

In addition, the university would like you to identify platforms and technologies that can be used to deliver this system. The university would have preferred you to use free and open source software. You must work with group of three selected at random, which caused possible behavioural issues within the group. Regardless of any issues the group had to carry out research into how a social media campaign can grow interest in the University. This report will go on to discuss the dynamics within the group, how the group relationship was managed and the various issues that happened when carrying out the task using academic models for support and analysis.

We had five elements to do for this project so discussed that each of us will do two elements and at the meanwhile help each other if anyone got stuck. The tasked we had to do:1.       An introduction2.       A representation of the system for growing the university’s social media presence3.       A representation of the system for turning social media interest into applications 4.       A technical discussion of the tools and platforms recommended5.       A conclusion explaining your main recommendationsSo, our task was Working as a team we must deliver a report containing the elements.

Our team chose that George will do the first and last elements and whatever remains of the elements it’s for me and Adnaan. The issues we had is around correspondence and understanding drove George and Adnaan to miss a couple of practices. In this way, I ended up calling George and Adnaan to discover where they were up to with the work I managed to arrange a meeting with them at the library.

They both didn’t turn up for the meeting we had arranged, which absolutely caused issues around certainty that we can’t meet the deadline date and the quality of our work won’t be as good as I wanted it. Furthermore, nearer to the deadline date, I found that Adnaan did not put much work. This raised a touch of hell for both myself and George as we had put much more effort into the work. Later it was hard to keep the group together. Finally, me and George effectively caused and urged Adnaan to do a some of the work by swapping elements amongst Adnaan and George. we helped each other with the task we needed to do. I stalled out with the Sysdea, so I approached George for assist and he was happy to help me.

As I would see it the issue we had is we didn’t have great correspondence and we didn’t get together routinely. Likewise, we didn’t have a group leader to sort out the work and the meeting for the group, so they can gather all and take every necessary step. This suggested there wasn’t exactly somewhat of a gathering duty toward the begin which may have reduced the quality of the work and the lucidness of the gathering.

In any case, I believe that we have worked admirably toward the end and every one of us gave a decent bit of work I think we had a decent technical discussion of the tools and platforms recommended. I would add some information to element three. Now I got a good understanding of Sysdea.  However, I learnt that the first phases of group working are essential for building future achievement, as our group experienced enormously an absence of initial attachment and from some missed gatherings. At last, I learnt that, although I can deliver incredible work without anyone else’s input, this does not generally liken to group achievement. I believe I have not served my group and in addition an I could. By finishing such a great amount of research toward the begin, I may have unintentionally disheartened my colleagues and influenced them to feel like they couldn’t make an advantageous commitment.

In that capacity, in future, I may need to consider how my actions may effect the others in the group, notwithstanding when I am accomplishing something which is probably going to help create a top-notch bit of work. I likewise learnt that I can be a gathering pioneer and how to approach blunders and issues. Thusly, I will be more certain when moving toward such assignments in future.

With respect to, I trust that my learning was confined by the way that our gathering worked more as a family or gathering of companions than as a work group. At the end of the project, what matter the most is what we have learned from our group work experiences. During the tenure of working together, situations cropped up and tested us on the scales of making the decisions and handling the pressures and exceptions.