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  About  Oursson Oursson AG company regulate the activities of the entiresupply chain, including retailOursson brand is a specialist in kitchen appliances and householdsOffices in Romania, Germany, Korea, China, RussiaCost centers: Russia, Romania and GermanyWarehouses: Romania, Russia and BelgiumHeadquarter: Lausanne, Switzerland  Mission to make an everyday life of young familieseasier and more enjoyable  Vision to always offer thedesired high quality products at reasonable price   Values  ambition, client driven,seriousness, innovation and performance       Business Principles maintain a clean organisational culturerespect customers, shareholders and employeescare for the environment, safety and health    Business values and ethics integrity isfundamental of the businessdo not tolerateany form of unethical behavior by employees or business partners      Career Strategies for employeesKeep grades up Identifyinterests, skills, values, and personal characteristicsActivelyexplore career optionsDevelopcomputer skillsGain anappreciation of diversity through study courses     2.  SELF – ASSESSMENT BACKGROUND 1986–1992University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chisinau (Moldova) Leadership andentrepreneurship courses:  Robin Sharma(Canada), Allan Peace (Australia), Andy Szekely, Lorand Soares Szasz (Romania),Bob Proctor (United States), Brian Tracy (Canada), John Maxwell (USA), Jim Rohn(USA) 2015–2016 TheJohn Maxwell Team courses:  Coach,Teacher, Trainer and SpeakerCluj Napoca(Romania)    CAREER OVERVIEW 1992–1996 Dentist1996-2004 SalesRepresentative2004-2014General Manager & Founder SilverzoneOnline SRL – 3 silver jewelry stores in Brasov2014-2017CEO  Oursson Appliance SRL,  2017 CEO   Oursson Hausgeräte GmbH, Deutschland   www.oursson.

fr CEO responsibilitiesDevelophigh quality business strategies and plans ensuring their alignment withshort-term and long-term objectivesLead andmotivate subordinates to advance employee engagement develop a high performingmanagerial teamOversee alloperations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired resultsand are consistent with the overall strategy and missionMakehigh-quality investing decisions to advance the business and increase profitsEnforceadherence to legal guidelines and in-house policies to maintain the company’slegality and business ethicsReviewfinancial and non-financial reports to devise solutions or improvementsBuild trustrelations with key partners and stakeholders and act as a point of contact forimportant shareholdersAnalyzeproblematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions to ensure companysurvival and growthMaintain a deepknowledge of the markets and industry of the company  OrganizationalChart  Oursson  Romania SWOTAnalysis STRENGTHS   Leadership skills – 14 years Sales skills – 21 years Coach skills Team player Experience to build relationships with investors, clients, employees Courage to risk Like challenges Strong analytical skills Manager development & training   WEAKNESSES   Economic degrees   Foreign languages   Some education and skills     OPPORTUNITIES   Building trust on the market   Increase investor confidence   International development     THREATS     Activity is changing due to company growth   3.  Analysis of the External EnvironmentEconomic developmentTechnologicaldevelopmentPoliticalstructureDemographyNaturalresourcesCultural          4.  Career Goals Increase Performance MetricsEarn a Degree or CertificateImproving networking skillsImprove  CommunicationSkillsBecome Known as an Expert in FieldFeel Happier at WorkBuild My Personal Brand    THANKYOU!