India, the gender pay gap is one of the

India,officially the Republic of India is a country in South Asia.

It is the seventh-largest country by area,the populous country (with over1.2 billion people), As it is clear the population in Indiais very high as result of that, there are lots of people are looking for jobsto continue in the life, so the gender pay gap is one of the biggest challengesfor the government in India.   In anagricultural country like India more than 40% of the 500 million women who livein the rural areas are involved in agriculture and farming related activitiesbut most of these women are not given the status of a farmer, thereby denyingthem of various government schemes and benefits.

 “If India cannot give themillions of people entering the job market employment, anger will increase, andit has the potential to derail what has been built so far,” Rahul Gandhi,heir-apparent to the main opposition Indian National Congress party, said in aspeech at the University of California, Berkeley, on Sept. 11. “That willbe catastrophic for India and the world beyond it.”According to the 2017 report, India has closed67% of its gender gap, but its greatest challenges are in the economicparticipation and opportunities for women, where the country is ranked 139. “Onaverage, 66% of women’s work in India is unpaid, compared to 12% of men’s,” thereport saidAs with most things in India, the perceptions inthis case of gender equality, do not always match reality because many reasonslike traditions and culture. – Traditionally a caste society with roots inHinduism, Indian culture places a high importance on authority and status.

Communication between levels is relatively closed so valuable insight orsuggestions from employees in lower positions will rarely be shared with theirsuperiors. Without understanding the complexity of Indian attitudes toauthority and how they impact business, organisations doing business in Indiawill struggle to implement change as quickly as necessary, and fail to harnessthe experience and value of its employees.