India report reveals that since 2016, $4.3 Bn has

India ranks among the top 10 global growth markets for nutritional food and beverages. Further, the Indian healthcare market, which is worth $100 Bn, is likely to grow at 23% CAGR to reach $280 Bn by 2020, as per a Deloitte 2016 report.

The threshold of innumerous opportunities for healthtech startups has helped the Indian healthtech startups raised about $346 Mn across 111 deals. Another report reveals that since 2016, $4.3 Bn has been invested in Asia HealthTech across 296 deals upto Q3 of 2017.•    Practo: o    It has developed into a one-stop destination for appointments, consultations, health records, insurance, and ordering medicines online.o    It has also launched another application like Practo Ray, an easy Practice Management Software designed to help doctors focus on their patients. It offers various features that simplify all aspects of a doctor’s practice- right from appointment booking, patient record management to billing and follow up.

o    Number of funding rounds: 4?    Series A: -?    Series B: Sequoia Capital ($30M)?    Series C: Tencent Holdings ($90M)?    Series D: Tencent Holdings ($55M)•    Lybrateo    For patients, Lybrate is the best way to find great doctors near their location. Patients can search by specialty, and location and book appointment with view verified doctors recommended by real patients.o    For Doctors, they provide them with critical patient information anytime, anywhere so that they can make better decisions for patients.o    Number of Funding Rounds: 3?    Venture Round: – ($3M)?    Series A: Nexus Venture Partners ($10.2M)?    Venture Round: Nexus Venture Partners ($1.2M)•    LiveHealtho    Livehealth is a medical records management app. It helps you get your medical records from your Health Provider, directly to your phone along with managing & maintaining medical records right from the app.

•    MUrgency: o    On the supply side, MUrgency acts as an aggregator bringing together varied emergency services – doctors, nurses, paramedics, ambulances, and first-aid assistants – all on one platform.o     On the demand side, users can call for emergency medical response and assistance with just one tap on the mobile app. A notification is sent to all the nearest emergency responders, allowing them to accept the demand and provide timely assistance. o    Furthermore, the app automatically alerts the patient’s family and/or friends who are registered as emergency contacts.

o    Funding: Raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Axilor Ventures and Ratan Tata in 2016. Recently it raised funding from Wipro’s Rishad Premji.•    Portea: o    Portea’s comprehensive services encompasses primary care, chronic disease management, elder care and post-operative care.

o    It also offers home visits from physiotherapists, nursing attendants, nurses and doctors. In addition, Portea also provides collection of lab samples from patients’ homes and medical equipment on hire, bringing the entire gamut of healthcare services to a patient’s doorstep.o    Number of funding rounds: 3?    Series A: Accel Partners ($9M)?    Series B: Accel Partners ($37.5M)?    Series C: Sabre Partners & Manipal’s Group MEMG CDC Fund ($26M)•    DocsApp:o    It is a mobile platform where people from India can consult a specialist MD Doctors within 30 minutes in various specializations through chat or call from the location of their convenience.

o    Number of Funding Rounds: 2?    Seed Round: $1.2M?    Series A: Beesemer Venture Partners ($8.4 M)•    1mg:o     It is an online pharmacy network and generic medicine engine. It enables users to find information about medicines prescribed by doctors and also buy them.

Users can find drugs by ailments, class, companies, and brands.o    Number of Funding Rounds: 5?    Series A: $6M?    Series B: Maverick Capital ($16M)?    Venture Round: HBM HealthCare Investments AG ($10M)?    Series C: HBM HealthCare Investments AG ($15M)•    MedPlus:o    It has become the biggest e-Pharmacy in the country today. Through MedPlusMart, customers can buy medicines, OTC products, FMCG and nutrition products from the convenience of their home or through mobile, read important information about medicines, store their health records, view their prescription history and redeem rewards.

o    Number of Funding Rounds: 3?    Private Equity: Rs 230M (Peepul Capital LLC), $90M?    Debt Financing: Rs 7.3B (Goldman Sachs)•    HealthifyMe:o    It allows its users to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals from their computers and smartphones.o    The application enables its users to track their calories, nutrition, and fitness activities; track their weight and determine if they are healthy; set healthy goals and work toward meeting them; share their data with experts; and get expert advice and suggestions on their lifestyles.o    Number of Funding Rounds: 5?    Series A: Neelesh Bhatnagar, Inventus capital Partners ($7M)•    Konsult:o    It is a mobile service that lets you consult real time with doctors without your actual physical presence. This app is designed to overcome the hurdles of time and space.o    Number of Funding Rounds: 1?    Seed Round: Rs 32.

5M•    Call Health:o    It is a technology-powered healthcare company that brings healthcare services to the doorstep of the customer. Doctor Consultations, Medicines Delivery, Diagnostic Tests, Nursing Care and Physiotherapy can now all be done at home with CalHealth’s dedicated team of specialists and trained medical health officers.o    Number of Funding Rounds: 1?    Venture Round: Sachin Tendulkar, P V Sindhu, P Gopichand (Rs 400 M)•    Healthbuds:o    It is a location based app that is designed, built & owned by M/s Asvins Care Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

It senses user location & also has the Option to select a location manually.o    The Instant ‘Call’ button connects with the listed emergency services that include Doctors on Call, Hospitals with Emergency Departments, Medicine Shops that are open (24 X 7), Ambulance, Blood Banks, Blood Donors in an area.•    EuorHealth:o    It is a Healthcare Marketplace, where you’ll get instant doctor’s consultation, appointments, physiotherapy & elderly care services.o    Funding received: 5 Crore by Brand Capital.