Indeed, failure the negative impact of this situation will

Indeed, education plays the most important role in changing human behavior, lifestyle, thinking, and overall performance. Education is necessary to build and shape attitudes and create abilities in our upcoming generations (Karsl, 2017). The teacher plays the most significant role in education and teaching process by developing intellectual afferent and behavioral objectives among students (Gund &Silman, 2007).The attributes and qualities that mandatory in order to be a good teacher are the same as for a good education. (Mucella et al,. 2011).

The teacher can be more effective if his performance enhances the student learning. It argued that teacher must take teaching as a challenging task for himself to impart his knowledge to the students with the help of right teaching method. (Abimbade1999). Teacher’s behavior influences the student’s behavior due to different teaching style. Teacher appreciation, liking or disliking affect significantly on the student about their study. Teacher’s teaching style, behavior interaction with a student is more important than content (Kamal & Mudeen, 2014).

 A teacher being able to communicate with the student and show positive attitude such as asking the question, knowing their thoughts, developing interest and encouragement boosts the student’s motivation and success while performing towards the students at a specific developmental level. Knowledge, experience, and attitude on a topic, teacher become center of attraction for the students due to their own performance. The positive approach leads to success while negative approach direct toward failure and as a consequence achievement can lead to positive ego approach. While failure directs toward decaying ego like, if the teacher practices negative toward a student, due to his failure the negative impact of this situation will be unavoidable (Gecer, 2002).The student of the teaching who is attributed as most effectively achieves a high percentage point during the syllabus of academic year while the student of the teacher tough by a less efficient teacher again low percentage point (Scinders & Horn, 1994).  A student who studied at private primary school shows better performance than the children in public school (Bibby & Peil, 1974).

There are a strong relationship b/w learning and school.  Some people consider that learning goes only on school. This concept of learning has been enhancing by such ideas that school is an institution of learning, but universities and colleges are an institution of higher education (Okeye, 1987).

 The public sector in developing countries cannot fulfill the requirement of quality education due to report increase in population. Like, Pakistan with the 2.7 percent population growth rate.

The government cannot meet the need to give education to the fast-growing population. So the private sector is helpful in this situation. Therefore private and public school is busy in imparting education to the public. Pakistan is following the educational system as of British role in 1947 both public and private sectors were giving education at primary and secondary level (Iqbal, 2012). There are two categories of the educational institution at that time. Government school or colleges run by provisional or local bodies. But private school run by people (Burki, 1986).

The qualitative research investigated that the communication b/w teachers and students in the classroom have a large then the sum of its part. There is a changing in knowledge and behavior of students from entering the classroom to learning (Wenglinsky, 2001). 1.1.

Need for the Project There is a growing consensus teacher’s behavior and interpersonal skills greatly influence students’ behavior and ultimately their learning outcomes. This study investigates how much a teacher emphasizes on character building of student and their academic performance. This study helps to find out the effect of teachers good and bad behavior on students learning and also the effect of students good and bad behavior on teacher performance. This study helps to find out the effect of Teachers performance due to extra duties assigned by the government. It helps to investigate the teacher’s financial problems on their duty and effect of extracurricular activities on student’s physical and mental development.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYGeneral Objective The overall study objective is to study the interrelationship between the teacher’s interpersonal behavior and students’ academic performance at a higher secondary level in Punjab, Pakistan”.

The following specific objectives will be pursued to achieve the overall study objective.SPECIFIC OBJECTIVETo study the impact of teacher-student interaction within the class and outside the class on students’ academic performance To study the impact of teacher’s interpersonal skills on students’ motivation in the classTo study different factors which affect teachers’ interpersonal relationship with the studentsLITERATURE REVIEWAbida et al., 2001 reported the impact and effect of the teachers background and teacher attitudes on students learning.

According to this finding the majority of the teachers used text books during teaching but they provide information mostly other than books and their way of teaching sports the students in learning. These teachers are ideal and helpful for the students but they didn’t ignor the mis behave of the students. They understand the feelings of the students and help them to improve them. the overall affect of the teachers attitude on students achievement were not ignorable.  Ghafoor et al., (2015) studied the importance of education for the student’s personality gromining.

They studied there are three different categories of institutions such as public and private,  technical and madrasas. The building of these institutions standing on the three major pillars; consisted of students, teachers and curriculum. Pakistan and all over the world there are two types of the institution public and private.

Now a days the private institutions are the first priority of the parents and the students due to their batter environment and education plane. the private schools regularly conducting the test session during learning but the public schools totally ignore the test session. According to them the interest of public towards, private institutions is due to level of parent’s status, degree of school’s availability, cost of schooling, perception of school quality and the perception of available of school staff. Maqsood et al., (2012) reported to improve the professional performance of teachers by measuring the factors affecting the performance of the teachers at higher secondary level.

According to this study the factors of subject mastery was perceived by the principle, teacher themselves and students to be at the highest level among the four factors of teachers’ professional performance. the factor of attitude towards students was viewed to at the lowest level. Among the four factors of teachers professional performance teaching methodology and teachers personal characteristics were factors considered to be presents in teachers performance at intermediary level. though the factors of subject mastery of teachers professional performance was found on the highest level in the present study, yet teachers should continue their attention and improve their command on the content through self-study and by attending in service refresher courses. Muzenda (2013) reported that the affect of lecturrer competences on students academic performance between higher education and traning students.

this study indicates that subject knowlwdge, teaching skills, lectures attendance and lecturer attitude have a significant positive influence on students’ academic performance. this study describe that provision of training to teachers on the specified components of lecturer competence can effectively improve quality of teaching learning towards attainments of high students academic performance.Brophy (1987) stated that effective teachers run and set a classroom learning environment. That increase time to spend engaged in effective activities and decrease the waste of time during deliver ambiguous lecture or interruption. That needed disciplinary action.Taneja (1989) reported that behavior and feedback of the respondents were affected the respondent’s environment.Abid at al.

, (1993) analyzed the difference of usages of modern teaching aids by both type of teacher public and private at the secondary level. He concluded that all of the teachers know the modern teaching aids and their productiveness. All of them using this aids but the trend of using of these teaching aids were more in private school rather than in public school.

 Farida & Madeeha (2000) compare the administrator role of both in private and Public School. They found that heads of government school played batter administrative role toward the whole academic year. While the head of private school concerned about extracurricular activities.Liaqat (2009) founded that teaching level is much better in private schools than in government school.

Private school teachers worked in plan lot of lesson plan rather than to public school teacher.Shah (2009) investigated that effect of teacher attitude on the academics success of university student. The study concluded that teacher was happy with their profession. They prepared their lesson for their lecture. Majority of the teacher used teaching techniques to increase motivation among student and make teaching more effective. Their main aim was to build a strong character of the student. This study shows that teacher optimism toward student results in the higher academic achievement. Hein (2012) stated that teacher behavior is closely related to student motivation and learning in physical education.

The result supports the idea that when teacher communicates with a student. They depend on their perception of student motivation as the leader to his behavior.Ulug et al., (2011) assumed that there is a great effect of the teacher,s behavior on the student in achieving a personality.

They describe the teacher positive personality affect the performance and personality of the student, while the negative behavior of the teacher affects the performance and personality of the student. They claimed the teachers are the second highest significant factor in an individual formation of student personality.Kosgei at al.

, (2013) Stated that the relationship b/w teacher attribute and student academics achievement. They concluded that poor performance is due to the lack of staff in the most secondary school. The teacher qualification did not play role in increasing student academics achievement.

While the professional enhancement courses by teachers play an important role for the betterment of the students’. Duration of teaching experience also matters in improving the student result.Adeyemi (2014) investigated that difference of academic result b/w the private and public primary school. The private primary school showed better than the public school to increase the learning ability of the children studying in public school.  Shahmohammdi et al., (2014) in his research tried to find out the positive relationship b/w teacher role in describing concepts to students and student’s behavior. She found that teacher personality and behavior is an important factor in the affecting student personality and their success.

The teacher should have acquired the knowledge of imparting knowledge, learning and new learning. They should make learning easy for the student.Shabir et al,. (2014) conducted a detailed research on the comparison of the performance achievement and usefulness of government or private .primary school in the rural areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. They conducted, a survey for the headmaster, teacher, and parent and student.

They found that private school teacher was more achievement in assigning homework and classroom assessment. The private teacher used multimedia in class for teaching. They prepared proper private teacher more trained in using multimedia for teaching students. Research shows investigated job pleasure in relevant to the teacher character and play role as parents. Teacher paid more attention toward students for motivation, interest, learning, and satisfaction in the student. Teacher attitude was important enhancing the student motivation. They concluded that private school teacher regard all these activities over government school teacher.Sing and Manral (2014) reported that many issues and different terminologies to boost up the students such as their health, academic, psychological, ecological factors, the influence of media, learning methods and teaching strategies.

The learning process has affected the relationship between teachers, parent and others teachers. The relationship of student, teacher and principal uncovering reality in the academic and technological system. Which directly effected through student teacher and principal. This study shows that how interpersonal relationship between student and teacher is affected. Teaching learning process has a positive impact interpersonal relationship b/w student and teacher. Teaching learning process positive impact in interpersonal relationship b/w teacher to student, student to student, teacher to teacher.

Jack Leavy (2005) research that shows the important role of teacher interpersonal attitude in student backup and the importance of combining insights from different educational research rules. If the focus on the student development and achievement, which need motivation but teacher have no check and balance and don’t bother what is hopping around the educational system. Teacher’s interpersonal and subject-specific on motivation displays a very consistent style. Teacher knowledge for student ideas may help teacher to encourage the effect of their behavior.

-Mc2010) reported was to find out beliefs about content area literacy mostly held by teachers and evaluate whether are not these collective professional belief and suppositions affects disciplinary instructors ‘implementation of constant area reading techniques in their classroom. As we expect that teacher behavior’s infused on the student but teacher a restless and done want to do job sincerely. There are not strong their content and they grading professional habit that has participated in more than eight million adolescent which are unable to read at grade level and they are not strong instructional time.

The research show subsists part and aggress investigation and analysis silent to improve teacher behavior on the utilization of literacy strategy in content area classroom. A teacher is a person who has experienced in content, where content is understood to be an overall different matter from skills. The elementary teacher explains their lack of explicit strategy instruction by citing time shortage.Patrick (2005) conducted that scholars and researchers usually are in agreement the school variables, which involve teacher administration, perform a captious role of the teacher in educational outcome than other variables.

The major role of the teacher in the learning is behavior and unquestionable student achievement totally depend on teacher behavior and their performance reflects their teacher behavior how they treated and manage all classroom involving students. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The present study entitled ”studying the interrelationship between teacher’s interpersonal behavior and students’ academic performance at a higher secondary level in Punjab, Pakistan”. This study will be conducted at Tehsil Jaranwala, distract Faisalabad. A simple random sampling technique will be used in sample selection. A random sample of 115 students will be selected from the randomly selected two higher secondary schools. The data will be collected through on a detailed questionnaire.

Both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected for this study. The data will be analyzed by using appropriate statistical software such as SPSS.