In which alludes to the lies claimed by commercials

In her essay, “Disconnected”, Linda Smith argues that the technologically advanced communication movement is taking over our basic human interactions. She claims that we are being brainwashed by the societal belief that cell phones, computers, and other technological devices are necessary to stay connected.

However, the reality of the situation is that by using the said device we are increasing the distance between each other instead of experiencing face-to-face communication. As mammals, social interactions are a basic need and builds on human nature.Lynda Smith tries to appeal to the reader’s emotions by identifying misleading commercials and slogans. Additionally, Smith supports her claim by referencing data which alludes to the lies claimed by commercials that provide false information. The false advertisement has individuals trusting the companies providing the product/service due to the advertisement power to establish a connection with the audience. Furthermore, Smith presents evidence gathered by the CIA database to show the number of individuals that are a cell phone and internet users in order to defend her claim that commercials influence one’s choice to purchase the said services.

In addition to pointing out the corruption of the advertisement industry, Smith strives to connect to those who have been affected by false advertising. Smith’s example represents a man who was lead to believe that he would become more productive by owning a cell phone, however, the accuracy of that statement is flawed. There is no one solution to becoming more productive, though the said device may increase the likelihood of productivity, it is not guaranteed. Smith asserts that big corporations are out to paint their product as the solution for productivity and for those individuals who fall on the bandwagon, they soon realize that they end up with less time.    Smith concludes by placing the responsibility on the audience, that we have the choice to decide how to communicate with one another. Whether we continue with favoring our device for communication or engage in face to face interaction, we need to stay up to date with technology in order to develop, however, Smith says we cannot grow depended on it.