In were mistreated all the time. For the jews

In October 1943 is when Denmark got hit with jews in hiding.  They had 7,500 jews in 1943 that came.  6,000 of the jews were Danish citizens but the rest were German or eastern Europe refugees.

 Most of the jews ended up living in Copenhagen, Denmark, the capitol.   When Gestapo came to round up the jews the Danish police refused to help.  Neighbors would help jewish families find shelter when they had to flee the villages.  They would give them shelter in churches, basements, and some holiday houses.  Fisherman would also load their boats with jews and take them to neutral Sweden.

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Most of the fisherman in denmark would hide jews on their ships.  To hide them they would make a room underneath the floor for the jews to hide.  They would make it seem like there was never a hole cut in the floor.  They would put crates of fish on top of the room/ holes.  They would do this because it would hide the hole and the soldiers wouldn’t look under the crates because they wouldn’t want to get their shoes or hands dirty.   Some children would act as part of non jewish families.  When they would do this they would have to move them around to different families or institution to secure safety for both the child and the foster parent/ family.

 Most of the children in hiding with a family would be treated fairly.  The studies say that 80% of them were treated well while 15% were treated badly on occasion and 5% were mistreated all the time.   For the jews in hiding they would have to act as christians.  Since they were acting as christians they had to hide their papers from everyone even the police.  They had to have a fake identity so the soldiers wouldn’t find them but this task was hard to obtain.  If  they “looked Jewish,” did not speak the local language, or whose presence in a rescuer’s family raised too many questions the jews had to be physically hidden.  In rural areas the children in hiding had to live in chicken coops, barnes, and even forest huts.  If they would make any noise even a sound or a footstep the neighbors would turn suspicious and they would possibly even prompt a police raid.

  Finding a rescuer for jews was hard to find.  It was especially hard to find the people that would take care of their papers and charges for multiple periods of time. Finally the soldiers got smart and would use dogs to sniff out the jews in hiding.  Once they did that the people helping hide the jews made a drug to make the dogs sense of smell stop working.  It would come blended in with a handkerchief to make it less suspicious.  This would help to keep the dogs from smelling the jews that would be under the group of rooms and things and since the dogs didn’t smell them the soldier thought the room was clear.

  120 jews died in Denmark due to hiding and killing.  This is a pretty small number compared to many other jew survival rates.  This is one of the highest jew survival rates for any German-occupied European country.