In type of analysis inspects the conditions and forces

In order to better understand the macro environment of anorganization we will be utilizing a marketing tool known as the PEST analysis,by referring to the macro environment we do not mean the actual naturalenvironment but the arrangement of systems and structures that surround anorganization. This type of analysis inspects the conditions and forces thatdrive and influence the business and which in turn accordingly regulate howwell it will be able to accomplish its goals and may be implemented as an ongoingprocess. The cons of taking such an analytical approach will provide theorganization with strategic thinking as it can point out future risks and bringto perception emerging imminent opportunities in the long term. By definitionwe can say that PEST analysis is a mechanism used to determine, appraise anddecide on what is influencing the behaviour and performance of each business byaccumulating the necessary information need for the optimal management anddecision taking. In order to undertake this analysis, we will be focusing onthe following factors that are analyzed by it (CarryingOut a PEST Analysis Checklist 196, 2013):  Political Environmentfactors: There are several political factors that might detrimentallyaffect the environment of a shipping company such as future changes inlegislation, a war or conflict or political instability due to future electionsthat might enforce changes in the regulatory regime by formulating differentgovernment policies, trading policies etc. and the general stance of thegovernment regarding issues such as taxation and competition and its approachtowards them. The aforementioned factors are the ones that might greatly affectbusiness whether that is of Attica Group or any other shipping business thatmight be involved in the sector.

An example of this is the annual grantprovided by the ministry regarding the barren islands, as this might couldchange from year to year and thus affect the implemented strategy of eachcompany due to changes in budget. (,2018)

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