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In the world of traditional dating, two people interacted extensively on a more intimate level with one another. However in the generation today, finding a genuine relationship that is built on a foundation of mental, physical, and emotional connections is harder to find. Dating in today’s world has changed drastically amongst millennials versus the way dating traditionally was in the past.

Now, new technologies have entered the world and taken up large portions of many lives, distracting humans from building relationships firsthand and more direct. Romantic relationships are now easily mistaken for just casual intimate associations between two people where there is clarification whatsoever. In today’s era, people do not put as much effort in creating a “real” relationship, making traditional dating a thing in the past. If dating being relevant in the modern day is still a question, it is easy to say that romance has definitely lost its true meaning in today’s generation. Technology has played a key role in the change of dating. When technology like smartphones or medias like snapchat were not a priority in people’s lives, Two people would get to know each other and interact in person.

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So, “if the point of dating is to get to know someone, there really is no use for it anymore. You can get to know anything about anyone with the click of a mouse” (Langan). Using the advanced technology and media the world now has today has given people the opportunity to interact extensively with one another. Although it has given humans the chance to do just that, people now use it to their advantage to cheat their way through relationships. People can live their relationship through a phone without the need of much one on one interaction. It is easy for one to hide lies through technology, decreasing trust and loyalty throughout relationships. It is also easy to communicate while having a lack of concern of one’s feelings while being behind a screen. When two partners are mainly acting their relationship out through some type of technology, there is no true knowledge or understanding of one another.

Technology prevents humans from interacting on a more personal and genuine level, something a relationship needs in order to flourish. In today’s day and age, many “couples” do not in fact, even call themselves a couple. Instead, there tends to be no labels and “the article, “End of Courtship?” says that the hookup culture “has become the new sexual norm for young adults”‘ (Langan). Humans in today’s generation have casual relationships that don’t involve any expectation of further intimacy. Whether it is just casual speaking between two people who are interested in one another, or a relationship minus all of the emotional and mental baggage that normally comes with it, there has been a lack of intimacy amongst millennials today. Traditional dating required two people who were either completely committed to one another, or having the potential to be completely committed to one another.

There were rarely ever halfway points in a relationship that stayed permanent like how it is currently. Having no expectation of further intimacy sometimes leads to no further intimacy throughout a relationship at all. Because this is seen as normal in today’s world, there is no room for two people to progress in a relationship, continuously moving on to the next partner, repeating the same steps until they’ve found someone that appeals to them from whatever standards they created from past “relationships”. However, some people believe that the way today’s generation treats dating and relationships can really be the same, just without a title. Some people even believe that this new way of dating “is a great way to see how the relationship would be without actually getting stuck in it” (Luha).

You can learn more about a person and decide whether or not committing to them is an option without any trouble. Having these casual relationships with the help of technology defeats the purpose of dating. As discussed before, dating was usually two people who were attracted to each other and decided to get to know each other personally in hopes of creating something more. What people now do today still does give them a chance at forming relationships, but having little to no emotional connection with a significant other or spending time on each other does not create a strong enough bond to advance in a relationship. Dating has become something that has less significance and is now very trivial to people in today’s generation. Millennials seem to shy away from dating and committed relationships until they are ready, and some have grown to dislike the general idea of dating. With the way people now perceive dating along with the exaggerated dependence on technology, is possible that this evolution of dating is affecting the happiness and lives of certain couples. Overall, there is a lack of consolidation in relationships and dating, making it a very mediocre idea that can potentially cause a decrease in happiness amongst future couples.

Considering how what now seems to be the “old-fashioned” way of dating used to be, it can be recognized that modern dating is very different and quite frankly, more complicated and less genuine than the past.