In time, when Hamlet reveals the fates of Rosencrantz

    In the story Hamlet there are a lot of people that have a different type of relationship then expected or have a unusual relationship you see from people. Hamlet and Horatio relationships starts with the ghost. Horatio is a real friend to Hamlet, giving him tips and telling him what he should do with the ghost. Their relationship gets better as the play goes on.     The strength of Hamlet and Horatio relationship is one of the strongest.

It seemed like Horatio was with Hamlet right or wrong. I say that because he only questioned Hamlet’s judgement one time, when Hamlet reveals the fates of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Anything other than that, Horatio supports every good and bad decision Hamlet makes.

Horatio is the man Hamlet wishes to be, he is intelligent but not pushed by his intellectual creativity. It seems as Horatio lets things come to him and he goes through the motions as Hamlet is in a rush and wants to go get everything himself. Hamlet wants to be like Horatio because he is living the right way. Horatio loves Hamlet so much that he would rather die on his own sword than to live after Hamlet is dead.

    Horatio is the best friend for Hamlet because he is always there for him and Hamlet needs him. Horatio doesn’t need Hamlet and Hamlet never does anything for Horatio, in other words their relationship is one-sided. One-sided because only Horatio is really being the friend, the friend that people would really want in their lives. If Horatio needed Hamlet as much as Hamlet needs him they probably wouldn’t be friends because Hamlet doesn’t help him with anything he just calls him a friend.

That shows you how much Hamlet does for Horatio and if he needed Hamlet he wouldn’t be a good friend to him.     Hamlet didn’t have people on his side throughout the whole play. Hamlet’s uncle Claudius and his mother had people to spy on him when he was away. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern who were his childhood friends that Claudius got to spy on Hamlet. “Too much has changed” (2.2.36). That was what was said to be able to spy on Hamlet.

Hamlet is now on a mission, he is getting revenge for his father’s death. It will send his father to heaven because he is caught between heaven and hell because he was killed before prayer. This goes to Hamlet’s conscience that voice in his head that was telling him not to kill Claudia even though his father wants him to revenge his death.    While Hamlet is thinking twice before killing Claudius, Horatio was the person to say no to it. Everyone dies in the play except for Horatio. When he dies he tells Hamlet he can’t live without him because they are such good friends.

Hamlet and Horatio in a way changed as the play kept going on. Finally Hamlet decides to always stick to his word and not shy away from it. Horatio became a better friend even though he was already one of the best friends for Hamlet. They counted on each other and that is how their loyalty, honesty, and trust worked for their relationship for them two.