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In this essay, I am going to explore whether the Quran is still relevant in society today. I believe this is a very important topic as many people misinterpret the Quran today; this is one of the many reasons why people have differences of opinions on this topic. I will analyse the argument for why it is still important and relevant today and arguments for why it is not. I will then share my opinion on this matter.So, what is the Quran? The Quran is an Islamic sacred book believed to be the word of Allah (Muslim god) written in Arabic.

MUSLIMS refer to the Quran for guidelines of what they can and can’t do in life. They also believe that reciting the Quran gives them good deeds helping them to go to heaven. The Quran consists of 114 units of varying lengths, known as suras. It is believed to be revealed 1400 years ago upon prophet Muhammad (P.

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B.U.H) who passed and taught the Quran on to Muslims. One of the main reasons as to why Muslims still read the Quran is because the first sura of the Quran is repeated in compulsory daily prayers.Many people believe that the Quran is not relevant in today’s society as it was written more 1400 years ago. Much has changed in society since as a lot has been invented and discovered. Countless people believe that this makes the Quran outdated and irrelevant as it was written a long time ago where many things were acceptable back then may not be the case now. Our values, mentalities, and concepts have all dramatically evolved over time thus this making the Quran irrelevant.

However, the Quran has stated many prophecies that have been subsequently been found out to be true and genuine today. As it is impossible for humans to foretell the future this then makes Muslims still believe in the Quran and word of Allah as many are still to come true. A few examples are: “They will alter Allah’s creation” (4:120) here it could be argued that the Quran has predicted human advancements such as plastic surgery, genetic engineering, and cloning in this short and concise sentence. Another prophecy that has come true is one about pollution as the Quran states “corruption has spread on land and sea because of what men’s hands have wrought” (30:40).

One of the interpretations of this verse is that the Quran is saying that environmental pollution will happen and that it will spread to land and sea because of man’s inventions such as cars, planes and burning fossil fuels. This makes Muslims believe in the Quran today as there are many examples of a similar nature yet to come true. Ana alternative reason as to why people think that that the Quran is pointless and irrelevant is that there have been many translation issues with the Quran. Translation has always been a problematic and difficult issue when it comes to the Quran. It is because there is an argument that the Quranic text should not be isolated from its true form and translated into another language.

This is because when the Quran is translated into another language it will be out of context and could be misinterpreted depending on the individual’s intentions.An example is Surat Taha, verse 5 {?????? ??? ????? ?????} in the Quran this could mean that Allah has sat on the throne or that he has firmly established himself on the throne. The challenge arises with the word Istwaa (which is in the Arabic text above) as it has 15 different meanings, therefore, it can never be translated perfectly. This is one of the many phrases and words in the Quran that is very difficult to translate perfectly, therefore, it is translated to the closest possible meaning. Today there are many groups who misinterpret the Quran for their own political, financial and power ends, for example, ISIS or more commonly referred to now as IS. IS is a cult terrorist group based in Iraq and Syria who have taken responsibility for the recent attacks in Brussels. The reason for IS doing this is because they want to achieve more power and to separate Muslims form the west. They are only using the Quran as a cover to hide behind as they are saying that they are following the Qurans teachings but rather they are adapting, taking out of context and changing it to how it suits them and their warped idealism.

In response to this, Muslims feel that the Quran must be read properly as when it is read properly you will realise how the word Islam itself derives from the word peace. The Quran further tells follower “O you who believe! Enter into absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He is an outright enemy to you.” (2:208).This suggests that Islam should be a peaceful religion as this is telling you to stay away from Satan and to go into peace and not to harm anyone. Although the Quran is not allowed to be translated into different languages word for word that does not make it irrelevant.

Many people study Arabic, especially in Edinburgh where the university has one of the leading centres in the U.K. as there are many English translations of the Quran that have a fairly accurate translation of the Quran many people Muslim and non-Muslim can access and learn from this text thus this not being a valid reason as to why the Quran is irrelevant today.To argue the relevancy of the Quran you need to keep in mind that if Christians and Jews still believe that there holy books are still relevant today, why can’t Muslims be too? Considering the fact that the Bible and Torah are much older than the Quran, surely that would make them less relevant? Another issue with the Quran is that many Muslims still believe in the Quran however many of them can’t read or understand it as they can’t speak Arabic. So what’s the point? That’s just like reading a book in a different language that you don’t understand. Where’s the point in that?There is also the possibility that the Quran could have been changed from its original form as when it was first revealed to prophet Muhammad (P.B.

U.H) it was taught to him through oral tradition and passed down through oral tradition for a while before it was put in written form.What if they had forgotten some parts that would then have caused the Qurans teachings to have been changed? In that case that raises the debate if it was ever relevant?In conclusion, I believe that the Quran is still relevant in today’s society as roughly 1.6 billion Muslims still actively follow its teaching. Not only this but other holy book are still considered relevant and the content of the Quran is quite similar and in many cases identical word for word sharing many comparable stories and prophets to the Bible and Torah which means that the Quran should also be considered relevant. Furthermore, one of my reasons as to why I still believe that the Quran is still relevant is because the teachings of the Quran are timeless in character as in the Quran Muslims are commanded to believe and worship in one god and that they should embody truth, honesty, justice, and other moral values. These main teachings do not clash with the changing demands of the modern day norms. So to sum up I believe that the Quran is still relevant today, based on the above reasons identified.