In think that Robots are not all good, many

In modern society, technology has made a great impact on the lives of people. From dining space to the community in which people are living is somehow influenced by technology and innovation.

Researchers have been using robots for making life simpler (Lin, Abney and Bekey, 2011). As well as artificial intelligence is one modern age technology that is utilized to make robots smarter so that it can be used to solve daily life problems. In spite of, most of the people think that Robots are not all good, many problems occur when robots become the main part of our life. Robots can put many factory workers out of jobs.

When people lose their jobs they make no money leading to more poverty. Robots can also be used against everyone and everything. Autonomous robots can be programmed to do anything and that can lead to people making robots to do bad things. As well as robots and artificial intelligence play an important role in industries and in medical fields. This essay highlights the positive impact of robotics and artificial intelligence on society and people living in it; moreover, nowadays robots are helping in industries and in curing and diagnosing patients in hospitals, additionally artificial intelligence is helping the researchers to make robots smarter.

 Nowadays robots are helping in industries and in medical fields. Robotics has not only made lives of people easier but also helped in reducing the cost of operations and works also robots has reduced the overall efforts of people as they can easily perform the complex tasks and operations easily (Brookings, 2018).  It’s a wrong concept that robots are mobile or have human-like appearance and knowledge.

It is much more beyond that. In the manufacturing of products, these machines have brought unimaginable accuracy that which help in solve many problems of ordinary people and companies and hence have been able to satisfy the needs of consumers. This has maintained the quality of work in which robots are being used for example math calculation and many other operations like they are highly useful in maintaining the standards of work that are required. It also helps in enhancing the satisfaction level of employees.

In many hotels of japan, they are using robots for serving food to people also they are being used in the field of medical science (Cavas , Kesercioglu, Holbrook, Rannikmae, Ozdogru and Gokler, 2012). It ensures us that operations are precise. In agricultural industries, robots are used to measure the health of soil and crops that are grown in them. This also helps to ensure the heavy harvest which will ultimately help farmers in raising their income. Robots are one of the primary facilitators of innovation and hence they help the new kinds of ideas to develop that are capable resolving many of the issues of society. (Banos, Galvez, Damas, Pomares and Rojas, 2014. It has also been used in household activities like cleaning bots are utilized for making the house clean.

It is also used for security purpose as there are motion sensor cameras that can capture any illegal movements in the restricted areas. It is also used by some of the patients for telling them when to take medicine or as a reminder. They are used in addition to monitoring the health of people for time to time and assisting them (Kujat L, 2010).

On the other hand, if robots are helping us in industries for making our lives simpler then there are the downsides of the usage of robots in industries ( mihaela D F, 2015). For example, while using robots in industries there may be breakdown or robotic system may be crash and to debug these things industries have to pay bigger cost for this, companies have to invest large amount for the implementation and maintenance of robots, as well as there will be high rate of unemployment and loss of traditional skills. Artificial intelligence is the modern concept on which researchers have been working for many decades. It is used for making robots smarter and making it capable of resolving issues of daily life without human intervention.

Artificial intelligence can be understood as the next level of robotics where machines do not need human commands for making decisions and acting upon any situation present to them (Ingrand and Ghallab, 2014). Now a day technological device is interacting with people and solving its queries. For example, Google assistance is one of the primary examples of how smarter machines can resolve the queries of the human being. Its positive impact can be seen in many fields that is directly benefiting the society. Artificial intelligence is the future of marketing as companies will take the decision as machines will direct them according to the information it has collected in its previous year operations (Niculescu, Dijk, Nijholt, Li and See, 2013). Artificial intelligence reduces the number of errors that is made in predicting the needs and demands of people.

Now a days AI is used for showing results to the customer based on their previous demands. The innovations like Google eye is one of the perfect examples of AI can help people in their daily life. In research field, it is used for predictions that are beyond the scope of human calculations. It helps patients that are feeling alone as it can talk in the human language and respond to the people as per them.  Since the earth has the limited amount of natural resources hence it is essential for the society to take use of robotics and artificial intelligence to extract them smartly.

It is used for sustainability of resources and its planning by firms .There are doubts in the minds of many conservatives regarding the social values inside the bots, but this has been reduced with the users of AI (Robotics Tomorrow, 2018). For example, Sophia is one such humanoid robot that is capable of understanding emotions of people by reading their facial expressions. There are many research in the field of vaccines are going on and since viruses that are being experimented can kill the human being if made in contact, but these robots are not vulnerable to any such kind of disease hence they help in fighting any disease (Shibata and Wada, 2011). In case of any wars, there are several kinds of casualties occurs to humans and hence robots can replace them in such situations.

One of the basic positive impacts that are posed by robots and AI is in the way that it reduces the time of completing the work which is essential for people in modern times. It also helps in predicting share market on which economies relies heavily. Hence, there are many fields in which robots, especially with thinking capability, are changing the lives of people. It helps in reducing the amount of time taken by the people in reaching  a conclusion as well as making many kinds of predictions like share market and weather forecast which helps them in forecasting future happenings. AI intelligence and robots are helping in the field of medical sciences, military, agriculture, research and innovation, exploration and many others. These smarter machines can take decisions on the basis of previous stats that it has collected in the past.

These robots are helping society in reducing the cost of manufacturing while ensuring the quality of the products available to them.