In them. However, many people spend too much time

In nowadays, television plays a very important role in our daily life. People can get much information as well as knowledge in television programs. Both the adults and children like to watch TV. In the evening, families get together to watch TV and this is the happy time for them. However, many people spend too much time in watching TV.

Some of my friends even stay at home to watch TV for the entire weekend. That is unbelievable. Several years ago a group in Italy organized a national viewers’ strike to protest the poor quality of television programs. The organizers think that television causes the dullness and isolation in society. I agree that it is better for people to watch less TV.     Watching TV occupied too much time.

When people spend the whole day to watch TV, they lost the chances to attend other activities. If not watch TV, they can go outside to take a fresh breath. If not watch TV, they can meet their friends and communicate with each other. If not watch TV, they can do some meaningful matters such as learning and cleaning. What’s more, watching TV may influence people’s other tasks. The students may leave their homework unfinished when spend too much time in watching TV.

The adults may become lazy and do not want to do anything. Some television programs are really in poor quality. People can learn nothing from the programs. It is just a waste of time when watching some television programs.     Watching TV caused many problems.

People will feel tired when watching TV for the whole day. It is not good for their health as they do not move in the whole day. More and more people become fat in modern society. Watching TV is one of the reasons. When the parents are very busy, they always ask their children to watch TV by themselves.

Then they can do anything without being disturbed. However, some children are nearsighted because they watch TV for a long time. Children will also feel lonely when they watch TV. The television becomes the only partner of them. They do not want to communicate with their parents. They do not want to make friends. Besides, some television programs are not suitable for the children.

They may feel scared when watching some programs. Children will also learn some bad manners from the poor television programs.       In conclusion, it would be better for people to watch less TV. It is obvious that TV can bring convenience and interesting to people’s life. However, we need to control our time in watching TV. We can go to the park in the morning to do physical exercises.

We can go shopping with friends at the weekends. We can learn some new knowledge in the evening. We can communicate with our families when we get together instead of watching TV. When watching less TV, we can enjoy our life better by attending different kinds of activities.

Those activities are more meaningful to people’s life.