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In my third year of highschool, I heard about an amazing opportunity from one of my friends at  school. He was bringing back a club program originally started by Carleton University – IC Change (ICC) business club. The objective of the club was to make a positive impact on the community, from conducting fundraisers to selling merchandise and donating the proceeds to a local charity. Driven by my eagerness to acquire more business knowledge and willingness to spread positivity in my community, I joined the club.Not long after ICC was formed, I applied for one of the executive positions, namely head of event planning.

Its responsibilities included forming teams that each specialized in advertising and event logistics, as well as communicate with other team leaders and the president about budgeting and projected revenue and expense numbers. Due to my hardworking, organized, and creative nature, I got the job.ICC’s first fundraiser for the year was a donut sale. As head of event planning, it was my responsibility to let the school know about our event. I helped create posters and distributed them across the school as well as made announcements to further advertise the fundraiser.

On the day of the event, I was in charge of the cash float and was responsible for tendering change back to our customers. We had 12 dozen donuts and coffee from Tim Hortons for sale and sold out in less than 10 minutes. The fundraiser was a huge success and we made over $300 in profit. Seeing how effective the donut sale was, we decided to repeat the fundraiser later on in the year.

This time the event proved itself to be even more profitable; we sold 30 dozen donuts and nearly doubled our profit from last time.Our original goal was to donate all our proceeds to the Ottawa Mission, a local non-profit organization geared towards providing food and shelter to the homeless. At the end of grade 11, we decided that since ICC was going to continue onto the next year, we would save up all of our proceeds from grade 11 and donate it along with our grade 12 profits. In addition, we are planning a volunteering trip downtown to help out the homeless firsthand. I believe being a part of ICC has helped shaped me into a more effective leader and team-player.

From planning events, I have learned valuable communication skills by working together with the president and my teammates. This has also given me the opportunity to work with a diverse collection of team dynamics and personalities. In the process, I gained valuable business knowledge that will help in my career in regards to marketing and the hands-on aspects of sales. Furthermore, my experiences at ICC has taught me the importance of giving back to community, something I am looking forward to while completing my Ivey HBA degree and beyond.