In The evidence in this paper shows that technology

In conclusion, I believe thatinformation technology is not just favorable to us in our daily lives but alsounrewarding. Unrewarding since it contributes to laziness, it violates one’sprivacy, it shortens our lives, it invents dangerous things, and it consumes alot of energy. These are just some reasons why information technology isunrewarding. So, we need to limit the usage of information technology to avoidthe unrewarding effects of this technology.

The evidence in this paper shows that technology has a positive effect onstudent learning expectations and outcomes. Evidence also shows that technology integration is becoming more commonin public and private schools. Technology integration is shown to be effective in all age groups and isalso shown to be helpful for students with special learning needs.    On the other hand, Education hasbecome too flexible and fun. Technology for education is promoting individuallearning and online learning both teachers and students get benefits fromthis new technology foreducation.

Before people had barrier for education but now because ofnew technology those barrier are broken down because now students can learnfrom anywhere and teachers can easily reach their students from anywhere.  Students can use their Smartphone to learnfrom anywhere.Technology can be used to restructure and redesign the classroom to produce anenvironment that promotes the development of higher-order thinking   skills (Kurt, 2010). However, modern technology does not bring good effect but alsobad effects as well. Too much use of technology has resulted in an increase inwaste products into the environment. People are losing their skills and creativity.And people are become more and more dependent on things such as calculators andspell check.

Our brains do not have to calculate simple math problems or spellwords correctly when there are tools to help with those basic tasks. Newtechnology, reduce face to face communication wasting money, wasting time.Social isolation is becoming common and more people are spending time on socialnetworking sites or gaming sites instead of promotion real life relationships.

As modern technology advances, people are forgetting how to interact with oneanother. They are more comfortable with a phone instead, on having a face toface conversation. When children use technology tools in elementary schools, asense of confidence and competence in their computer skills will grow as theyget older.  Many children today haveaccess to a great deal of technology in their home; this access will result instudents being comfortable by using technology at school as well.  When elementary school teachers use and modeldifferent forms of technologies, they actively engage their students and createa stimulating work environment (Kenney, 2011). Technology used in the classroomhelps students understand the material.

For example some students are visual learners;projection screen linked to computers can allow students to see their notesinstead of simply listening to a teacher deliver a lecture. Modern technology has made it easier for Collegestudents even taking online courses.  Manycolleges are offering as an alternative for students to physically attendingclasses. So it is much easier to obtain educational information for classroomor homework assignments. When technologyand appropriate teaching methods are combined, technology may increase theacademic achievement.

Technology may enhance the students learning and mayassist most students in achieving their academic standards.