In the employees also should be loyal to their

In modern time or in the modem days having ethicalbehavior is the most important thing in the work place. Having ethical behavioris the key to success in life and in their work place. Ethical behavior meanshaving good or right behavior including honesty, good qualities, loyalty,equality, diversity and individual rights as employees in the workplace. In theworkplace all the employees should be honest with their work without beendishonest when working and with the other employees or members in the workplace,all the employees should be loyal to the other employees and all the employeesalso should be loyal to their work or tasks that is given to them, all theemployees should be treated equally not differently so that the employees willalso treat the other employees or the management same way. When having good orethical behavior in the workplace it’s easy to communicate with each otheremployee and to the management in the workplace.

(M.Geeta, 2016)In the IT industry there are many unethical behaviorsuch as  employees does not come on timebecause of many employees are lazy to come to work, does not like the otheremployees or the management at work, does not like the task that they are givenin the work place that they are given to work. Employees use company propertiessuch as computers, laptops, desktops and misuse company data or company networkfor their personal needs such as using social media (Facebook, Instagram,WhatsApp and YouTube etc.), downloading movies, videos and playing online videogames using company network to waste time without doing their task at work.

Andwhen downloading certain documents such as videos, movies or applicationsviruses can be also downloaded with the files to the devices or to the desktopand it can harm the company property. Some employees does not have positiveattitude towards other employees and some employees does not respect otheremployees or to the senior management and having negative attitude towardswork, for the employees and for their ideas or opinion when it comes to groupwork. Some employees are not loyal and not trust worthy toward the management,customers and employees in the same regent. In the work place all the employersare expected to be loyal, faithful and to honest in their work.  (Wah, 2008)  Loyalty is one of the most important factorsthat the employee should have in the work place. For example sometimescomputing professional’s orders computer equipment for the company and they areresponsible when it comes for buying equipment to the company or when it comesto developing a software the employee should be honest on the task that isgiven and should deliver a quality product or good service to the customerwants and customer needs (G.

Genova, 2006). The main point that a workplace shouldbe warned of is employee theft. Employee theft is employees stealing companyproperty or data, documents and selling or sharing it among other people orother companies.The employers are responsible for what they do in theworkplace. Their main responsibility is to satisfy the customer wants and needand it should deliver with a quality product to the customers. (G.Genova, 2006) . But the employeedoes not do their responsibilities and their duties properly due to lessfacility, less benefits given to the employees, less salary and bonuses in the workplace.

When having less facilities and benefits employees are demotivated to do their work.Even when the employees don’t get a fair salary for the work that they havedone the employee or the employers does not feel confidents to do their work inthe same IT companies the employees don’t get paid extra when theyare doing over time (OT) in work so they tend to work only for the time theyare requested.

Some IT companies does not give facilities such as vacations,family vacations, and medical facilities, provide new technology equipment’s tothe company.  (R.R.Sims, 2014)  In a work placeall the employees should come on time to work without been late, should beself-motivated and should have a goal or an aim so that the employees will tendto work for their goals and aims and the management should strict the rules andgive warning for the employees who are getting late. Don’t let the employee’smisuse company property and company network for downloading personal needs.When they download documents from the internet viruses can be also downloadedfor the devises and it can also harm company property.

The management shouldblock all the unwanted sites so that the employees cannot login and themanagement should strictly advise that the employees cannot use or log in to socialmedia in work hours so that the employees can concentrate on their work withoutbeen distract. In a company all the employees has to be treated the same wayand all the employees has to respect every other employees and to themanagement if not they should be warned about their behavior towards otherpeople and all the employees should have positive attitude when working andwhen other employees give their opinion or ideas if not the management shouldarrange training programs, organized more team work projects so that theemployees will feel comfortable between every other employers, management and withthe customers. Employee theft is the one of the dangerous things that canhappen in a workplace. It can destroy the company by sharing companyinformation. The company should inform all the employees about what will happenif an employee shares company details and should strict rules so that theemployees won’t try to send or share company information’s. When a customerplaces an order to develop software the customer expect a quality product fromthe employees if not the company will not get profits or more customers. Allthe employees should have training program once a year.

When giving trainingprograms to the employees it will give positive influence. Employees are notproperly motivated when the employees don’t get proper facilities from theworkplace. When the employee does not get facilities they tend to work lessthan they use to. The management should provide proper facilities to thecompany by providing new technology so that it would be easy to the employeesto do their work fast and efficiently. And all the employees should get a fairor a reasonable amount when it comes to salary without getting paid a fixedprice. When the employees get a fair amount they will get self-motivated to dotheir work without been lazy or demotivated towards work.

And when employeeswork over time the employees does not get paid for it. Them management shouldpay for extra hours or for over time so that they can encourage the employeesto work more and  finish their taskeasily and fast without taking more time to their work without wasting time. (Dodig, 2017)In a workplace all the employees should maintain goodethics without been lazy to come to work, should have a positive attitudetowards employees, management and the customers, the employees should notdestroy or misuse company property, all the employees should respect everyother employees, management and the customers. In the workplace all theemployees should have ethical behavior. When having good ethical behavior inthe workplace it is easy to communicate with every employee, management andwith the customers and it will help to have a good relationship between otheremployees, it is easy to deal with problems easily and will have good qualitiesand will be loyal whit their work, with the other employees and with thecustomers, having training program it can give positive influence to theemployees on about ethical behavior.

And when having proper training introduceto employees it teach the employees how to deal with the job and to behaveethically in the work place. When having good ethics, been loyal to the work inthe work place and delivering good or quality products to the customers in aworkplace it is the key to success and it can also gain success because thecustomers would recommend others about the quality and about the service.  (M. Geeta, 2016)