in the atmosphere of the film and feelings. Just

inlong shots. By doing that, the alienation and misery of theconsequences of the war laid down in the purpose of the film. His aimof use that is constructing uninterrupted integrity in whichtransition from present to his memories. Angelopouslosstrews a lots of great and effective scenes to reflects the mood ofthe film which means also the atmosphere of the Balkans, sadnees,aloneless and desperate. Atthe border, A runs across an elder Albain woman who falls apart fromher sister 47 years after the civil war in Albania, she requests toride her to hometown. While they are tripping, the camera goes withthe tax ineyel level shot, refugeeare seen, walking on the empty roads with their bagajes maybe try tofind a shelter that another detail, showing conditions of people inthe Balkans in 1990’s. Then they finally arrive toKorytsaand the woman get off from taxi in desolate center of the city, thecamera tranks backward, moving away from her in long take shot,mixing with sorrowful soundtrack.

Angelepouslosavoids empathic close-ups that would give the impression of anidentification with the character, He does not give the impression ofan inner life, of a hidden reality of emotions, The camera is alwaysset at deep focus, with almost parallel focalisations, replacing thusmultiple shots with multiple perspectives. Thecamera tracksbackward,the completely empty and deserted streets draw the attention,externalizing the alienation and solitude of the Albanian women. Then the scene is cut and shifts to the other, two-shot of A andthe driver, man pulls over and they start to talk about the situationof Greece, the driver says ” Do you know something ? Greece isdying. The medium shot tothe driver, standing up and climbing a stone, the camera tilts up,shots from the back of the men, creating a picture that a man standsin foggy and dark place just like trying to oppose the all strugglesand he says ” Hey! Nature, you’re alone ? I’m alone as much asyou.” And continuening as ” It is the end of road.” Just likealmost every person in the Balkans, he loses his hope and is allalone.

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Angelepouslosuses the colors to express his idea and creates the atmosphere of thefilm and feelings. Just like in that scene, the weather is the snowyand misty and and the colors are used to