In talk. “Hi I am Sean, what’s your name?”

In Bloxville lived a 14 year old boy named Sean. Sean was high academically and never got lower that a B+. He enjoyed everyday at school, except for being bullied for his high intellect. Phil also wanted to be apart of the schools ASB or CIA as an extracurricular. Sean was close to 5’8 feet and love wearing white shoes. Sean was scrawny, pimples on his nose, and shy.  Phil Finlburg bullied Sean everyday.

Phil Finlburg was 5’0 feet and wore the same clothes all the time. Phil had a lot of muscle, deep voice, and made fun of the newest kid in school. One day at lunch, Phil saw a kid in line. This kid caught Phil’s eye because he had never saw him during lunch. When the kid was about to pay for his lunch Phil approached him.

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“Sup chump give me your lunch money.” yelled Phil. “Ummm I don’t think so.” murmured the new kid.

“OH MY GOSH!” yelled the students in the cafeteria except Sean. “WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME,” Phil responded, “I WILL DESTROY YOU, DO U UNDERSTAND!” The new kid brought his lunch and looked for someone to sit next to. Sean waved his hand at the new kid and the new kid came and sat with Sean. They sat silently next to each other for a couple of seconds until Sean got the courage to talk.

“Hi I am Sean, what’s your name?” Sean asked. “My name is Dylan.” Dylan whispered. “Not much of a talker,” Sean questioned, “you will be fine Phil is not going to harm your whatsoever.” Dylan stopped talking and he started to cry.

Sean was concerned and took him to Principal Taylor (Sean sometimes calls him Principal T) to discuss the problem. Principal Taylor was a very open-minded man, he was about six feet and loved soccer. “What’s going on guys?” asked Principal Taylor. “I do not know I was just talking to Dylan and he started to cry.” Sean replied.

“Dylan would you like to share what’s going on?” asked Principal Taylor.