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In the book, “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank, jealousy starts to play out in the Secret Annex. Over the time when the Van Daan family and the Frank family were staying together, Peter Van Daan and Anne Frank start to get closer emotionally. While Peter and Anne usually hang out all day and everyday to confess their feelings and to talk, Margot, Anne’s big sister, starts to get jealous over the relationship they have. The jealousy that Margot develops concerning Anne and Peter always hanging out starts to slowly threaten Annes and Margot’s relationship, but eventually they made up a situation because it `would not last for long.

Jealousy starts to play out in the Secret Annex when Anne and Margot were at first together and lonely. Both of the sisters in their heart loved each other very much, and would always support each other no matter what. Then, when the Van Daan family arrived, the relationship with Margot and Anne changed. The son of the Van Daan family, Peter, was also lonely, so Anne and Peter were starting to hang out together a lot and are actually slowly falling in love with each other each day. The relationship is then on the edge because Margot is now all alone, while Anne is spending all her time with Peter. On page 151, Anne states, “I noticed that Peter kept looking at me all the time.

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” She also states, ” I used to think Peter was in love with Margot, but yesterday I suddenly had the feeling that it was not so.” She would talk about how they would hang out in the Attic, or how they would flirt with each other. Anne thinks that she is not in love with him, but no matter how hard she tries, Peter always ends up on her mind.  On page 182 and 183, Margot starts to write Anne a letter to talk about how she isn’t jealous of Anne and Peter, because she does not like him. Yet, she is jealous of the relationship they have because Margot does not have anyone to talk to about her feeling.

So while Anne and Margot write back to each other, they eventually come up with a solution. “But I’m certain of one thing: if Peter and I do become friends, I’m going to tell him you’re also very fond of him and are prepared to help him if he needs you. You wouldn’t want me to, I’m sure, but I don’t care; I don’t know what Peter thinks of you, but I’ll ask him when the time comes. It’s certainly nothing bad — on the contrary! You’re welcome to join us in the attic,or wherever we are” (p.185).The relationships in the Secret Annex are slowly falling apart because of the jealousy.

Even though Margot does not admit that she is jealous she knows in her heart, that she is a little. When Anne said that if they become friends she will tell Peter how Margot thinks he is attractive, that solution could go down in so many ways. In my opinion, I think that over the time, Anne and Peter are going to be more than just friends, and I feel like Anne is not going to tell him about Margot. Thenn when Margot begins to hang out with Anne and Peter, there will definitely be a problem because there would be trust issues and a little competition for Peter.

It would be different if they were not hiding because then Margot would probably move on from Anne and Peter’s relationship and get her own and not be jealous anymore. Sadly, she can not because she is hiding, and Peters the only boy close to her age. Besides the fact that Anne and Margot came to a solution about their relationship with Peter and think everything is fine, the relationship between the two sisters may eventually be threatened. It will be threatened because I think Anne is falling in love with Peter and does not admit it, so she will help set up her with Peter without realizing how she may really feel. When Anne actually figures out she has feelings for him, she will regret what she did, and will try to get him back.

This may lead to her ruining her friendship and trust with her sister.