In set the track & influence the group to

        In schooling system Headmasters play a
very important and significant role. As administrators they daily pass through
various issues.  Headmasters have their
own leadership philosophy. It covers a large amount of area which headmasters will
contact with. Only efficient leadership & supervision can make the strong
school. To be in a position of headmaster one has to come with making decisions
on daily basis. Effective headmasters are capable of changing the shape of
school. Effective leaders are seen as persons who set the track & influence
the group to follow the similar path. Various scholars have tried to characterize
the approaches of efficient leaders and to associate it with other facets of
administrative results (Lewin et al 1939). A leader is a person who sees
something that needs to be done & knows how to do it. Effective leader see
& catch opportunities at once.  He is
able to see superior brochure & facilitate others too. A leader is encourager
who is ready to make bold decisions for better tomorrow. Managerial &
administrative skills are regarded as essential tools for school leaders.
Without these skills a school leader cannot effectively communicate with
organization& goals and desired results cannot be achieved (Deborah, 2002).
Effective leadership has direct connection with leaders’ styles & school
leaders should be experienced & trained in leadership so as to utilize
these skills appropriately (Sosik & Dinger, 2007). According to Maicibi(2005)
found that efficient leadership is important instrument for successful performance
by the pupil. To Lashway, (2003) Principals’ role is varying rapidly from
simply encouraging teachers’ efforts to leading teachers to produce tangible
outcomes.  According to (Gmelch, 2000) leaders
are communicators, coordinators & listeners.  Heads of the academic departments have been
labeled as the “front-line leaders”
in higher education. (Brown & Moshavi, 2002) in their study found that
department heads are facing huge pressure & demands of their roles as
administrators and leaders. Head of the departments have to perform versatile
roles. Administrators or heads are supposed to uphold the uppermost standard of
Managerial creativity, self confidence, leadership effectiveness, professional
commitment, communication & interpersonal skills, classroom personality
& academic integrity. Headmasters self confidence make-up relates to the
maximization of return to the organization by all means.

smooth running of any school or organization is based on the fundamentals of
administration and management.  Headmasters
take the task of organization on their shoulders to make the institution flourishing.
Headmasters or managers possess the managerial skills to get the good results
for their organization. Leaders provide the foundation for teamwork in various ways.
According to Gupta (1987) head of the institution occupies a very key position
in educational pyramid. The fate of an institution depends mostly upon the head of the
institution. Headmaster is the
key educational leader and the chief executive officer of a complex and diverse
community comprising of renowned, committed & dedicated teaching staff, students, their parents, governing
bodies, education departments and university. Leaders do not belittle
people or make them feel that they have nothing to contribute. Leaders don’t
hide in their offices to overlook problems. They have to be visible; they have
to convey a sense of oneness.

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