In person sitting inside. These facts points that AI

In an interview withBBC, Stephans Hawking said that development of full AI would destroy theworld.2   Recently, the news aboutthe crashing of self-driving cars in California was heard. 7 Such news needs tobe taken seriously, indicating that there’s a lot of improvement needed in thistechnology. Driverless vehicles a may sound good but it has some darker sidealso. These vehicles are not safer as any machine can betray the person sittinginside.These facts points thatAI should be handled carefully. It should be used for solving the problem.

Ashuman learned how to use fire and later came to know about its cons and pons ofits use. Human learned to use the fire for his need so it’s a boon, but when hemisuses it’ll definitely lead to devastation. A comprehensive insightinto AI research in India comes from AI Magazine by Deepak Khemani in 2012, aprofessor of IIT Madras department of computer science. According to Khemani,AI research in India is limited to few passionate researchers and institutionsand thus it is limited to developed countries like Europe, US, and America.According to him, AI research is limited in India due to societal needs arguingthat because of India’s large linguistic society most of the research islimited to machine translation, natural language, and text and speech relatedapplications. Indian research in defense is owned by DRDO specifically withinCentre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR).5There should becrowdfunding in India for topics that the nation.

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In China, there had beenpublic crowdfunding for AI. The public enterprises can also join their handswith the university for research purposes. The Alibaba and Pan Jianwei, theprofessor of quantum physics at University of science and technology China, joinedto design a program to replicate and surpass Google’s DeepMind.

  6India is also notsuffering from a brain drain in this field. There have been some steps taken toencourage students and young talents at school, university levels to developtheir interest in computing and AI. The skill initiatives and innovationcenters are also resulting in a better approach to lead towards the innovationsin this field.