In only £550, this means that they get a

In depth handbook;


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University of Leicester, sports and Active life, they have
two sites Danielle brown which is located is Wyggeston and the other Roger
Bettles building is located in Oadby. The Wyggeston site is open to university
students, staff, the staff that work at these sites, associates also the
public. However the Oadby sit is only open to university student and resident
who live within a mile of the facility. Both of the sites hold up to 7500
members in total with 4500 of them being the students. The leisure centres
provide 62 classes a week in the Danielle brown building and 55 classes a week
in the Roger Bettles building. The classes include for example Pilates, spin,
aqua, yoga, body pump and Zumba.







Part A;

Internal customers of the university’s private sports centre
consists of the employees that work at these centres, their use of the sports
centres is the employee cost which is taken out of the staff’s payroll. A gold+
annual individual cost for an employee is £418 compared to the annual individual
public membership which is £605 both of these memberships provide the same
activities and facilities. The employees do get a discount of £187 for the
gold+ membership and can go to both of the organisation’s sports centre (Danielle
brown & Roger Bettles), whereas the public can only go to the Danielle
brown sports centre. An example of a group of employees who works for the sports
centre are the Human Resources department of Leicester University. The reason
why they are the employees of the sports centre compared to a lecturer, is
because they conduct research for the sports centre to check for potential candidates
who might meet their criteria and they deal with the legalities issues.  

The external customers to the sport centres are the
university students and staff, alumni, Wgyyeston college staff and the public. The
annual cost of a student membership is £300, this is only for the students that
go to Leicester University. An annual membership for the alumni and Wyggeston
college staff is only £550, this means that they get a discount of £55 for
annual membership compared to an annual public membership which is £605.  The public members of the Danielle Brown
sports centre are allowed to go the building when they are open. However, the
access to the Roger Bettles sports centre is restricted to the people who live only
within a 1 mile radius of the building.

Returning customers are customers who have previously
purchased goods or services before, and they now are returning to purchased
more goods or services. An example for the sports centre would be any customers
(internal or external) who have a direct debit payment setup, they are known as
pay as you go customers. They will pay for the upcoming month prior to their
visit and if they enjoy the services provided, then they will pay for next month
and so on.

Customers that only buy once from the business are known as
one off customers