In no less effort than ever. Iran is open

In the age of information many innocent souls have been victim to terrorist attacks carried against them.The Islamic republic of Iran had produced and refined a counter-terrorism which severely interferes with the actions of the Islamic state. Last year the ministry of defense foiled a terrorist plan which included around 50 targets and around 200 pounds of explosives(2). Although the information was taken from confessions it was necessary. The system is in no way perfect. Until a alternative is proposed the Islamic state of Iran will proceed using its current counter-terrorism laws and procedures.

The aforementioned system is superior to the one used by the united states of America. They take suspected terrorists put them behind bars and hope for a confession. This causes innocents to be caught up in the midst of the war.Terrorism is a weed. If we don’t deal with this issue now, it will rise again later a cause more trouble than ever.Therefore the islamic republic of Iran declares that a few innocents behind bars is much better than a few hundred innocents being scarred for life or paying the ultimate sactifFor the disposition of the current controversy. It is most necessary that all nations will put no less effort than ever.

Iran is open to cooperate with any sovereign nation that is willing to combat terrorism. Human rights are still a problem as U.S is not following them when bombing the innocent civilians and then claiming that we a responsible for that.

 The Islamic republic of Iran condemns any terrorist actions.The state will take any action necessary to prevent such bombings the Islamic republic of Iran always assists sovereign states to combat against our mutual enemies such as: Isis, and other terrorist organisations. The Islamic republic of Iran and the Russian Federation have fought hard to ensure the downfall of the Islamic state in Syria(ISIS.) When the ISIS forces are destroyed they will spread out like fungi spores. In order to prevent further bombings of innocent civilians the Islamic republic of Iran believes that all measures should be take to ensure the minimal amount of innocent death.

Despite the efforts of the Islamic republic of Iran ,United states had only made combating terrorism harder by violating human rights. The united states fires into town and villages with the justification that alleged terrorists hide/reside in that town.Iran’s and Russia’s co-operation for our mutual goal of combating terrorism in any form. Iran’s immense and colossal input into combating terrorism will not be halted by the western hostile actions.{3} In 2012 and 2017 especially Iran was sanctioned by the west with the justification of preventing future terrorist attacks. If the west sanctioned iran, the country who had is one if the country whose involvements in the fall of the ISIS and taliban has been immense, but what’s the reason to sanction iran for its terroristic threat when it is the one who didi all the job. It is to extend western sphere of influence in the middle east as if it is a normal thing.