In my biology curriculum and I was wondering about

In the first year of IB program, I was hospitalized for a few months. It was to a great degree a traumatic experience but in the long term, it has been beneficial as it triggered my interest in medicine. A girl I met in the hospital was suffering from diabetes, the disease I have already met in my biology curriculum and I was wondering about dealing with it since then. She explained to me how her condition reduced her standard of living. After acknowledging her story, my interest in medicine started developing into a desire to improve and explore new technologies and concepts that could make life easier and better for people like her. Remembering the people I saw suffering from illnesses has made me want to search for new ways of treatment, which would help and save thousands.Through my research, I have found out some of our amazing potentials such as making prostatic organs to repair any organ failure and train the immune system not to attack B cells. Brain and nervous system research is even more fascinating as there is so much to explore and perhaps one day, we would be able to switch on and off different receptors. For example, if we could temporarily switch off pain receptors, there would be a use in surgery, as we would stop using anesthesia and reduce risks. Recently I have learned about the drug delivery system, which controls the rate and location in the body at which a drug is released. This optimises treatment for illnesses such as cancer or any infectious diseases, because the medication spreads only on the infected parts of the body, and will not damage the healthy tissues. I am very excited by the idea of studying cognate concepts in greater details and being a part of the future of medicine and science.I grew up in Russia, where I have been an active participant in the school life for which I was awarded. Even so, driven by my interest in different cultures, I decided to move to France to obtain international education and to learn French. I have already had some knowledge of English language from the international summer camps, but learning the school curriculum in the English language was still a great challenge at the begging. However, my experience in sports, in particular karting, has helped me to overcome the challenge as it made me a persistent and competitive person. I have participated and won many races, I was always training towards being the first and the best, and I knew that I had to train hard and a lot to succeed. I sacrificed a part of my social life to spend my weekends’ training from mornings to evenings. This attitude has been fundamental in reaching my goals and getting into French championship after which I was invited to Formula 4 for a  year, but it implied missing school, which was unacceptable as education is my first priority so I decided to continue education instead. This experience has made me more independent and in control of my own decisions, life and success. Sailing is my other passion. During summer, I worked as a captain, where I had to train a crew of beginners in a very limited time and lead the team so that we can race against other boats. Safety of my crew was my absolute priority rather than winning as I was in charge of their lives. I have obtained very important skills such as responsibility, leadership skills, time management, teamwork, and communication. If something went wrong I had to find a solution as quickly as possible and appear calm and unafraid for my crew. Due to this experience, I became more self-confident and obtained crucial skills such as critical thinking and decision making. I wish to apply my acquired skills into the field I am deeply interested in in a multicultural environment of the British university.