In more important to recognize exactly how policies are

In chapter two of Dye’s work,”Models of Politics: Some Help in Thinking About Public Policies,” Dye looks atpolicy making from several perspectives to try and help readers understand whatexactly the process is and what it entails.

Two of the main models Dye focuseson are the Institutional Model and the Process Model. While each of thesemodels differs in some way, both shed light on perspectives to understandpolicymaking.            TheInstitutional Model’s basic viewpoint is that institutions, mostly governmentinstitutions, are fundamental in the policymaking process, considering policiesdo not actually become policies unless it is “enforced by some governmentinstitution” (Dye, 2002). Although many policies are pushed by socialorganizations, like activist groups and such, some specific governmentinstitution has the final say when it comes to whether a certain policy isimplemented. Therefore, they are the most vital when it comes to actualpolicies.

            TheProcess Model focuses on the actual process of making a policy. Dye (2002)included a step-by-step process on how exactly policies are formed andimplemented. This process includes “Problem Identification…AgendaSetting…Policy Formulation…Policy Legitimation…Policy Implementation…and PolicyEvaluation”.             Inmy opinion, the best way to evaluate policymaking is the Process Model.Although it is important to recognize that policies are implemented by somegovernment organization, I believe it is more important to recognize exactlyhow policies are created and implemented.

Analyzing exactly how policies cometo be, and even the fact that they are analyzed for effectiveness later, is animportant concept to understand. As stated in the Dye chapter, this policy isimportant to understand because this is a beneficial way to “study howdecisions are made and…how they should be made”.  Knowing exactly what people are lobbying forand how that can turn into an actual policy should be fascinating to the peoplethat are pushing for changes in society.             Whileboth of these models are very important to understand exactly how policies arecreated, going more in depth with such topics is important. Even though publicpolicy is not the world’s biggest problem solver, it is still a crucial part ofour society as a whole, and can tackle issues such as the environment, socialinjustice, and many other things.

It is crucial in the society that we live in.