In meet Life. For her fragile soul couldn’t bare

In the beginning before God made light, he created Life. He made her in his vision of innocent perfection. He told her that her job was to create in the world.

That she would be beside every new baby or creature that he made. She was happy. She couldn’t believe she was responsible for such beauty.

But God warned her. “Do not be sad, for as your gifts grow up, just as your brought them here, they will have to leave and come home to me.” God then created Death. And told him that he was responsible for taking his creations home to him.

God also warned death. He said “You must never meet Life. For her fragile soul couldn’t bare to see who was taking her creations away”. And so it went on. Every new babygirl boy or puppy that was born, Life was there to bless it with herself. And she would leave, trying to forget that their names were already printed on a list with the date they were to be taken.

One night, Life had laid beside a doe in the woods, helping the mother through birth, and blessed the little fawn, unaware that Death was sadly creeping through the bushes to take the same fawn. Life grew weary, and decided to rest her head under a tree nearby the doe and her young. Death crept through the woods and snuck towards the mother and child when he heard the rustling of something nearby. He shied away in fear of a creature seeing him and scaring off the mother. When he poked his head out from behind the leaves, what he found was not some creature, but Life stirring in her sleep.

Remembering what God had said about meeting her, he tried to run away, but was frozen in place. He had to see her. Death crept through the trees until he was standing above her. He knelt down, held his breath, and brushed the hair out of her face. He began to cry.

Never had he ever seen something so beautiful. She had the complexion of Snow White, and glowed, with eyes as big as the sun. her auburn wavy hair cascaded down around her face. How could God keep anything so pure away from him? His hand lightly traced his face, and she began to wake. But when she opened her eyes, he was gone. High above her he fled; entwined within the branches, unable to catch his breath.

And so weeks went by, and he followed her; overwatching, and marveling at the wonder of Life. One day he fell behind as she weaved her way through the forest. He turned a corner into an empty culdasack of a garden, but she was nowhere in sight Surely he thought he had just seen her turn here. He turned around to go the other way, and standing there was Life. She looked puzzled as she studied him up close. “Are you the one that’s been following me?” He shyly shook his head yes. Her voice, the sound of a bell. Able to calm the roughest oceans with a single word.

She squinted at him. Never had she seen anyone so… different. His eyes were black as coal, able to swallow you whole with one look, and the hair to match.

She stepped back. “You are not one of my creations… Who are you?” He summoned the courage to look her in the eye. “I am Death”. Hisvoice was shy and boying, but deep as a canyon. She reached out to him, and as she grew closer to his face, her glow began to vanish. He quickly backed away.

“We were forbidden to ever meet”. She took a step closer. “But youre so… beautiful.” she whispered.