In “khodha meshwar” we are going to use Service-oriented

In “khodha
meshwar” we are going to use Service-oriented architecture, so we can take the
full advantages of our resources and systems and to coup up with any changes
that happen, also we can use soa to help us to focus on the customer, so he can
get a high quality service and give him customization ability and it also can
help us as end user to have easy access for information when its needed like
their accounts details, and also soa can help us in software devolvement if we
needed to add any features in the future or if we needed a new to develop new
system by giving us the ability to reuse an existing components, also soa can
make use to have access for any kind of information and integrate this information
with our systems and organized and having control over this information, and
for the hardware it will help us to integrate different systems with each

In our
network infrastructure we will use cloud computing because is not expensive
like it infrastructure and it gives us more flexibility and Real-time
scalability for our service. For our cloud computing model that we are going to
use is platform as service because it will give us more ability to have access
for more tools and the ability to customize our data whenever we want, and we
are going to use public clouds because its already and it will it save us time
for developing our own cloud also it give us more benefits like huge storage
capacity with good price, so we don’t be over budget.

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For it
success metrics that our going to use we will use Infrastructure-Centric
Metrics, so we can measure speed and efficiency of the system and how well the
system is working. We are going to use transaction speed to see how fast the
system is taking and record the order and we are going to use System
availability to see how many times our server has been down, also we are going
to use Response time to measure the time that our system is taking to record
the orders and we are going to use Scalability to see how well is the system
when there is a high demand for our service, moreover we also we are going to
use Call center metric to see how well our call center is working we will use Average
speed to answer to know how much time it takes the customers calls to get
answered and will use First call resolution to know the numbers of calls from
the customer that had been solved from the first time, also we will use Abandon
rate to know how many of calls that been Abandoned from the customers.

For “khodha
meshwar” Business continuity plan at the beginning we will define what is our
business and is the most important factors that differentiate us from our
competitors. First step is to do analysis and risk management to measure all
possible that could face us at any moment and could affect our plan and we will
use every available method that can help us to ensure the safety of our
business like Requirement recovery document, so we will be able to have all the
necessary documents that support our business if someone stole our cars, so
will have the important documents to support our position , second step the
recovery plan if any kind of disaster happens we will use Collocation facility
so we can have an temporary place with all the needed equipment because using
different methods will be expensive, third step is implementation in this phase
we will train our employee to be ready if any kind of problem happened and to
know how to deal with it, also we will use our recovery systems to see if they
actually work or not , fourth step is testing in this phase will collect all
information and evaluated to see if there any problem we will improve it, in
the final stage we will try to perform tests as we can to improve our
continuity plan and how to deal with different threats.