In Jackson, Harold Washington, and Hiram Revels. One of

In today’s world most African American young men and women do not understand what our previous African American men has done for the world we live in today. The world has been changed drastically from what it was back in the day. Not only did it change because of slavery,  which is what most people think about when learning about history. It changed a lot due to our African American male politicians and the decisions they made for different parts of the united states. There are many American American male politicians who made big impacts on the United States such as , Barack obama, Jesse Jackson, Harold Washington, and Hiram Revels. One of the most common known politicians in today’s world is  black male politician  Barack obama. Barack was born in 1961 in Honolulu on August 4th. He grew up with both parents and graduated high school with academic honors in 1979. He then went off to college at columbia university. He also went to Harvard law school which lead him to work in chicago’s law firm of Austin Sydney. While in Chicago he practiced civil rights with the true firm of miller. As he was learning he also met a young black educated woman he soon began dating, and later married in 1992. In 2009 he became the president making him the first African American president of the United States. While president there were lots problems with America that he had to deal with. The unemployment rate was very high and citizens lives were falling apart. Obama began slowly putting puzzle pieces together helping create a pretty picture. He made an affordable insurance plan for people who could not afford the expensive insurance. This helped American get back on their feet and start living again.Along with the insurance  he gave free phones to low income families with free calls and messages.Not only did he help Americans, but he also agreed to end the war with Iraq which definitely saved lives on both sides. As a result of Obama’s presidency America had been great during his terms of being president. He cut the unemployment rate in half over the six years and gave insurance to over 20 million uninsured Americans. As much as he did for America there is much more that happened even before his reign. A man true to people and making his city great again was Harold Washington. Harold was born April 15, 1922 in Chicago. Illinois. He left highschool before receiving his diploma to served in the military. After the war he received his GED and  went on to roosevelt university to study religion. After going to roosevelt  he attended law school at Northwestern university where he graduated. He was the only African American who completed his law degree in his class. In 1965 he won the election to the Illinois House of Representatives. While being in the HOR he sought to make MLK a holiday. While trying to become mayor he was charged with a crime affiliated with taxes. He spent 36 days in jail in 1972, but eight years later he got a seat in the U.S house of representatives. He later became mayor making him become the first African American mayor of Chicago. Harold signed a degree to end patronage and get the citizens involved in schools and more economic development moving forward in history.Not long after his second term he died in 1987 of an heart attack. He was loved and dearly missed and chicago named a library after him. Harold Washington helped today’s chicago giving men and women many more jobs and opportunity to become successful. Another similar politician who had somewhat the same idea for the U.S was Hiram Revels. Hiram Revels was born September 27, 1827 in North Carolina and was born into a free family. He and his brother were their parents apprentice at a hair shop. When his brother died he inherited the shop where he spent most of his days. He then went off indiana and ohio to study seminaries. He also went to knox college from 1855-1857 to study religion  and later became a preacher and minister throughout the midwest. During his era the civil war, slavery, and the reconstruction era was all going on. The reconstruction era is very important to history. During the reconstruction era  former slaves began to get rights for themselves.  Newly freed slaves were under the protection by the laws of congress. Slavery was eventually abolished during this time which is the biggest piece of history. Also land that had been taken was distributed to freed slaves so they can feel what it is like to live a little bit. But due to blacks getting freedoms white people did not like the idea of sharing equal rights. This caused major problems within cities and states. Killings and lots of racism began to happen. But as time came to pass it stopped. Hiram revels died in 1901 living long leaving a great impact on the country he lived in. Hiram was not the only one that had the same dream to see peace but so did Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson was born October 8, 1941 in Greenville, South Carolina. Jesse was an two sport all star athlete in high school. He got offered big ten football scholarship and a minor league baseball contract. He went to play football at the university of Illinois then transferred to North carolina. He graduated college with a sociology degree in 1964 and that same year got married which led to having 5 children. Jesse worked with Mr.King was very close with him. He did the selma to Montgomery march which was a major event in history. He lived during the time of the civil rights movement. There were lots of racism during his time. Jesse became a civil rights leader and brought hope to his city. He was a very influential man an people followed and respect him. He was known for setting prisoners free in other countries. By doing so he gained many more followers and popularity. He eventually thought with all his doing he should run for president. He ran twice: he was the first African American to run for president. He did not become president but he sure made his mark. In 2000 he was awarded medal of freedom and was very honored. Jesse Jackson was all about equal rights and making the world better. He made a big impact and still to this day is remembered for all he done. Therefore these four African American man has made great impacts on the world we live in. If it was not for them today may have not been the same as what we live in today. African American men politicians have created equal rights , safe places to live, and opportunity for all kind. Each African American politician has made the country better in some way shape of form. African American politician men have impacted society in ways we still do not know.