In issues instead of just vendors addressing HMSI issues.This

In my capacity as head of the Division of Quality Control of the 4th Factory of Honda Motorcycles India Pvt. India Ltd.,I have known Rishab Sinha for the past 4 years since October 2013.

He joined the HMSI-4F Factory setting up project in Vithalapur,Gujarat after completing his induction period and I was the project leader of Quality Control Division for the upcoming 4th plant.He was my subordinate working under me.He and I have interacted daily on a professional basis and have developed a personal friendship in the process.

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During my association with Rishab while working 4F factory setting up project,I found him to be a very diligent and dedicated employee with analytical bent of mind and the one who is looking for solutions rather than problems.As a Project Leader of QC-4F working and interacting with many people at a time,I strongly believe Rishab is one of those individuals who had a unique perspective on solving the problems at hand.While working on the 4F project,he was responsible for supplier quality development of Chassis and Denso parts.We at HMSI used to face a a constant issue of coordinating  part development activities with supplier and they were not able to meet standards and timeline as per Honda Manufacturing Control Plan.Rishab came up with an idea of pro-active quality guarantee plan to interact with the suppliers.

We had a discussion on  finalising the points of the plan to achieve our MSQCD(Management,Safety,Quality,Cost & Delivery) Targets.The final draft which he prepared and we finalised was a fantastic piece of supplier inclusiveness that ensured suppliers to be a part of the project rather than just being a part and service provider.I was really impressed by his innovative approach of HMSI addressing supplier’s issues so that they address our issues instead of just vendors addressing HMSI issues.This epitomises Honda way of working and distinguishes Rishab from his peers.

Apart from his management skills,a special reference needs to be made of his excellent communication skills and clarity of thought.Over the years, I have seen him in morning meetings,training seminars,quality evaluations and interaction with the suppliers and have found him communicating his ideas in a very assertive and precise manner.Moreover,He remains calm and composed even during hot discussions where even most individuals would get agitated.Being youthful and energetic,during his formative years,He used to overcommit on deadlines and used to get fixated with his innovative value addition and cost saving ideas.But now with time,He has learnt to strike a balance between requirements and feasibility of project deadlines.

I have taught him 3 key steps-plan,monitor and strategise.After my feedback,he has started utilising these learning in his daily work and our daily discussions have become even more result yieding.I believe that an MBA would help in qualifying Rishab for a challenging position.He is a very ambitious and likeable person.I have no doubt that he will be a serious and enthusiastic student, and someday become a senior level manager or chief operations officer that purdue would be proud to call an alumni.