In is diamonds. This is similar to Jack’s situation

In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, a group of boys were stuck on an island, with Ralph and Jack being the two leaders of the boys. While Ralph was voted the leader by the group of boys, Ralph decided to give Jack the role of being the leader of the choir, and they were the hunters. Even though Ralph is the main leader, the boys fear Jack, and they decide to be on Jack’s side because they fear him. The movie Blood Diamond, has a similar problem like in the Lord of the Flies.

In the movie Blood Diamond, there is a civil war going on in Sierra Leone between a rebel group called RUF and the government. A lot of citizens in Sierra Leone decide to join RUF because they fear them. In both the Lord of the Flies and Blood Diamond shows that people will join a corrupt leader because they fear them or have resources.Jack’s main job is to be the leader of the hunters, and he is obsessed with killing pigs. “I gave you food, said Jack, and my hunters will protect you from the best.Who will join my tribe”(Golding 150).

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Jack uses food and protection as his advantage to making the other boys join his tribe because food and protection is something they all desire. In Blood Diamond, the rebel group RUF uses their advantage to make young boys and men join them, and that is diamonds. This is similar to Jack’s situation because the boys on the island want food, so they could survive, and Jack has been the only one to kill a pig and feed them. While, in Blood Diamond, the leaders of RUF go into villages to find people who are able to work and find diamonds. People who are in RUF do not have to diamond mine, and they benefit from people looking for diamonds because they make money, something they value the most.In the novel, Lord of the flies, Jack already has a lot of power and all the boys but Ralph, Piggy,and Samneric follows his orders. When Jack tells Samneric to move back, the twins don’t listen to him and Jack shouts “Grab them!”(Golding 178) and no one says anything and then Jack replies, “I said ‘grab them’!”(Golding 178) then the boys finally takes action and ties them up.

“See, they do what I want.”(Golding 179) Jack say to Ralph and Piggy after the boys tie Samneric up. At first the boys hesitated on tying Samneric up, but they ended up tying them up because they feared Jack.

They didn’t have to capture Samneric, but they didn’t want to risk themselves getting hurt. In Blood Diamond, the RUF forces these young boys to shoot these people blindfolded, the boy at first had hesitated, but the RUF leader threatened to kill them if they did not end up shooting these people. The boy ended up shooting the people blindfolded because, they were scared.Near the end of the Lord of the Flies, Jack and his tribe’s main target was Ralph. They wanted to kill him because he was not a part of the tribe. Samneric says “You got to go, Ralph.

You go away now-“(Golding 187),this is said when Samneric warns Ralph about the tribe trying to kill him. Since all of them fear Jack, they all agreed on wanting kill Ralph during broad daylight. Solomon Vandy is just like Ralph, near the end of Blood Diamond, a group of troops wanted to kill Solomon Vandy because he was the only person who knew where the large pink diamond was, and they wanted him to find it, and they would have killed him after he had found it. In both the Lord of the Files and Blood Diamond, the main characters were targeted to get killed because the corrupt leaders didn’t like them.Lord of the Flies and Blood Diamond both show that many people will side with people who they fear or could benefit from, even though they know that the people they side with are bad. This is an important thing to know because it happens in real life, and people get brainwashed by these corrupt leaders to make them do bad things. People can end up getting harmed by following leaders who are evil because they fear them.

That is why the big idea that many people will join a corrupt leader because they fear them or have resources is important.