In in media and cinema. Black hyper-sexuality can be

In Collins chapter 5, Collins uses a movie named Booty Call
that was made in 1997, to talk about sex, violence, and images of black
masculinity. By
using the film Booty Call she brings to light the one main stereotype of black
men being young and violent. When reading this article, it talks about the
hyper sexuality of black men and their images and stereotypes in media and

            Black hyper-sexuality can be seen
throughout media history. From early films and their origins, such as Birth of
a Nation, to Blaxploitation a genre of the 70’s and even in today’s movies. In
birth of a nation (1915) black men were seen as savages who when freed from
slavery, would undoubtedly rape and torture white women. The film while
extremely racist was once the top grossing film of all time until Snow white
and the Seven Dwarfs out. This depiction of violence and rape seemed to add a
stigma to African American men. Even the film booty call, Collins talks about
the probable history of the black vernacular term booty call, and booty plunder
and how it’s about masculinity and property. It culminates to stereotypes of
pimps exploiting women.

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            I have not watched the movie Booty
Call but just from what I read in this article, rape and violence are known as
a stereotype when it comes to black men. I think this film is a great example
for how other people view African Americans and what is stereotyped. Black men
do unfortunately still have this “booty call” sense today. This movie should be
an eye opener for others to see what is being said about African Americans.

            In this article, Collins also uses
the show The Cosby Show to compare black sexuality. “For example, on The Cosby
Show, the ability of Cosby’s character to dance, shoot hoops, model chiseled
abs, or perform in the sack in the sack is irrelevant. The show provided shots
of Heathcliff and Claire cuddling under the covers, hinting at a safe sexuality
but never showing it.” (pg. 169) I used to watch The Cosby Show growing up, and
I felt this family was no different from mine. Yes, the family is black but
they still dealt with issues that I dealt with as child. Such as parents always
making me check up with him, always making me introduce my boyfriends to them,
and even knowing that school and college is important. Just because this family
is black, does not mean they aren’t any normal from any other family and
dealing with more sexuality. The Cosby show was a good show for others to see
that families can all be the same in different ways.