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In a society where one of our values concentrates on equality, is equality really guaranteed to all Canadian citizens? Social inequalities are most obviously displayed by an individual or groups particular position inside the social distribution – wealth, status, and influence. Regardless, a person’s social position is moreover related to their diverse qualities, roles, and individuality. For example, whether they have a disability or not, their ethnicity/race, or whether they are male or female. Due to these unique social positions, this results to discrimination amongst individuals and/or groups.

In today’s society, unfortunately, women still face a gender bias, – particularly in the workforce. In spite of businesses best attempts of trying to encourage diversity and fairness, women still occupy the lower paying working positions while men keep on dominating at the official level. This disparity is harming corporate execution. An invisible barricade is by all accounts the one thing that halts women from propelling so far in society, and the purpose behind this is because of sexism and gender roles in the workforce.I mention these two things as these are the beliefs and mindsets many people still carry about men and women.

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When I think of jobs that are predominantly occupied by female workers, the first few things that come to mind are nurses, receptionist, waitresses… notice a pattern? One reason that women are paid less money for the same job, is that women are paid in view of gender stereotypes. Women are seen as being caregivers, nurturers and the job occupations mentioned reflect ‘femininity’ as women cannot handle the jobs based on their “unique physical capacities” (K. Messing). Women’s work has dependably appeared to be cheapened in the Canadian Labor market, because of the gender hierarchies of importance set in numerous organizations.

It is like a race between men and women, but no matter how far women run, it seems nearly impossible to catch up with the men. Men have been placed on pedestals in the workforce mainly due to the fact that they are the ones in charge of these large businesses, which leads men into having a higher advantage as well as receiving higher pay. Not only are women being discriminated against in the workplace, but another example of social inequality women face is the restriction of participating in economic/political activities. Oddly enough, since democracy is always a nation’s most important asset, nations that prohibit women (which is about portion of their population) from taking an interest in economic exercises are throwing away half of their potential. Based on my readings on Tbinternet, it states that “Canadian women are not equally represented in the most lucrative and powerful paid employment, and they continue to be streamed into ‘women’s work'(61),” which backtracks to my argument on women being valued less than men. Me being a female, as I set myself up into entering the profession field I pick, I know I would still experience the disadvantage of being paid considerably less, and treated differently in contrast to the men who work in the same field from I do – which sadly is a pitiful reality that I will have confront in my life. Another case of social inequality would be discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Although, employment discrimination has been restricted, oppression against individuals with disabilities is nevertheless an issue in today’s society, which has prompted an outcome in disabled people lacking less job opportunities.

Sadly, some employers lack this mindset when it comes to hiring disabled people. So the question is why do employers refuse to hire workers with disabilities? Kaye, H. Stephen argues that the main obstacle in utilizing workers with disabilities in the workforce is due to the lack of knowledge regarding disabilities and assisting issues, the worry over expenses, and dread of legitimate risk (526). Unfortunately, due to the discrimination employers impose on persons with disabilities, people don’t feel comfortable about being open about their health condition or disability. They are apprehensive they will be wrongly seen as less skilled, disregarded for promotions, or perhaps even lose their job. Due to managers believing that a person with a disability will cost more to employ, or essentially trusting that they are incompetent, this resistance can sway those working with disabilities and possibly dishearten them from applying to work in specific institutions. I believe It is essential for businesses hiring an employee living with a disability to comprehend, from the get-go, that the individual isn’t characterized by his or her inability, and should be dealt with as their own particular individual.

Racial discrimination in the workforce is developing, as organizations pay little mind to diversity and subdued, treacherous discrimination is overlooked. Not only is racial discrimination prevailing in the workforce, but it is likewise common in numerous societies today. My definition of discrimination in the working environment is to limit, isolate, or categorize his or her employees or candidates for work in any way which would deny any person of having any possibility of employment or unfavourably influence his/her status as a worker, as a result of this person’s race, disability, sexual orientation, or gender etc. It is argued that racial minority immigrants confront a greater number of deterrents than foreigners of European origin or native born labourers (Pendakur and Pendakur 1998, 2002). When it boils down to racial  discrimination, it can make workers feel confused, and in addition creating unnecessary cliques to form, making teamwork and group meetings generally outlandish. All the time that is being utilized settling racial issues could be better spent enhancing the operations of the business.

The loss of staff brings about loss of profitability. Workers who feel oppressed most often discover work somewhere else, causing the business lost time while scanning for a substitution. At the point of when there is unethical conduct, for example, racial discrimination going on in the working environment, these organizations go through the loss of monetary support from the people in which their business is found. As I continue explaining the downward spiral of what happens when there is bigotry in a business, I figure one would get the gist.In spite of the fact that there are numerous types of social inequality and stratification that I have not mentioned, but rather to finish up my essay, I specify only a couple of the viewpoints that result to social inequality and the vast majority of which are demonstrations of oppression against individuals.

When individuals think of social inequality, they for the most part generalize this as far as a “socio-economic class.” Individuals, predominantly men, who have accumulated much wealth take over the top ranks of society and appreciate the most benefits which are brought by their money and economic well-being. On the opposite end, individuals who are of various race/ethnicity, sexual orientation/gender, or with disabilities have next to zero access to these benefits and are frequently underestimated in terms of these differences as stated. It is stated in the Canadian Public Policy article that “Income inequality is a growing concern in Canada… (133)” and “The implication is that income inequality is affecting individual and community well-being – the spirit level – in our society too (133).” This goes forth to show how much of an issue income disparity is in our society, and as years pass by, the gap appears to increase. In order for our society to move forward as a whole, we have to perceive these issues made by these belittling and corrupting acts forced on numerous Canadian citizens who are dealt with unfairly because of their gender, race, disability or sexual orientation. It is important that moves must be made keeping in mind the goal is to promote equality for all.