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In this book, Harriet Tubman was born into slavery.

For a long while, Harriet was treated poorly and beaten until she was bleeding. Harriet and her friend wanted to escape. Then Harriet was having unusual dreams. Finailly Harriet escapes and brings her brothers , who turn back in the middle of the trip. After she escapes to Freedom a new law is passed and they can get slaves from any part of America and bring them back to their owners. She then moves to Canada and still continues to go and come (many many many times) to get enslaved people and bring them to freedom.

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From doing this Harriet gets the name of Moses. Throughout this book, there are many things that shows family. One being that at first Harriet was just going back ,where she was from, to get her family and friends, but then thought about everyone and treated them as family as well.

Also, when Harriet ran out of Mrs. Sarah’s house and went to the pig pen, Harriet’s dad went to get her even though it didn’t just put Harriet in danger it out himself in danger as well. Both of these examples are relevant to family is because Harriet didn’t care that it put her in danger of not, she wanted everyone to be treated equal and for everyone to be free. Throughout this book, another topic that is shown a lot is Freedom.  For example, Harriet always wanted to be treated equal and when her friend escaped and she couldn’t she tricked the police and let him escape to freedom without her. She wanted him to be free even though she wanted to really bad. This example is relevant to Freedom because they were running away from friends and family to be free and have the rights as all the others. The last topic that is mentioned a lot in the book is perseverance.

Harriet’s owner told her she wasn’t worth six cent. Harriet saved up six cent to buy herself and he told her no that when she got 500 dollars then he will think about it. Harriet was discouraged but she still escaped and left. This shows Perseverance because even though Harriet couldn’t buy herself to freedom she still escaped to be free.