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In the ending part of the movie (500 Days of Summer), Tom, a greeting-card writer and hopeless romantic, is on his way to a job interview and as he is waiting to be interviewed, a girl calls out to him and asks if they’ve met before since she’s seen him sitting on a bench which is Tom’s favorite spot which also happens to be her favorite spot. Since the girl is also waiting to be interviewed for the same job, Tom jokes that he hopes she won’t get the job and she also returns the desire. When it is now time for Tom’s interview, the interviewer calls Tom in and as he’s walking, he felt something, it is a sign, so he turns back and asks the girl to get some coffee afterwards and she agrees. Tom smiles and she introduces herself, her name is Autumn. As Autumn always follows Summer, is this a sign of a new relationship? It would be great to see what it’s like when Tom dates Autumn, a romantic situation where she could actually reciprocate his affections and feelings.

Tom was heartbroken by Summer in the ending of the movie since he found out that Summer is already married. Tom deserves to be happy after dealing with Summer. After finding out that the name of the girl is Autumn, Tom trusts destiny. Again. Tom already finished his interview, it is now time for Autumn’s interview.

He is patiently waiting for Autumn to finish her interview. While waiting, he keeps telling himself that Summer isn’t “the one” for him. He is convincing himself to move on and let go. He knows that he needs to learn, try and discover new things that will make him happy. Do things that will be beneficial to him.

It is time to focus on his new job if he will be able to get the job he is applying for and who knows, maybe on his new relationship. Autumn, after finishing her interview approached Tom with a smile on her face showing her excitement. As they were walking to the coffee shop, they were sharing their experiences about the interview. They were talking with each other about everything that happened. You can already see how comfortable they are with each other. While drinking their coffee, they talked about their current status and past relationships. Of course, Tom talked about Summer, everything that happened.

Autumn shows her willingness to listen to Tom as she also shared that she experienced the same thing with his past relationship with a guy. It is definitely time for them to experience true love and true happiness. After having a great time talking about the interesting things that happened with their lives, they decided to call it a day, go separate ways and go home.

But, before leaving, Tom again turns his back and asks for Autumn’s number so that he can contact her anytime. Without hesitation, Autumn wrote her number in a tissue paper and gave it to Tom. After a few days, Tom decided to contact Autumn to go out for a lunch. They went to Tom’s favorite place to eat and coincidentally it is also Autumn’s favorite place to eat. Another sign? For Tom, definitely yes. They both knew they were really enjoying each other’s company, so they decided to go out for lunch every single day. And one day in the middle of their conversation while they were having lunch, Tom’s cell phone rings, and it is the interviewer from the architecture firm he is applying for informing that he got the job.

Tom was so happy and in return, he paid for lunch. Tom has really been enjoying his life. He loves his new job and is actually pretty great at it. Autumn, on the other hand, was fine about losing out on the job to him. She was really happy for Tom because he is having the life he had in mind since he was still in college. After three months of continuous going out for lunch, Tom decided to ask Autumn to be his girlfriend and without any hesitation, Autumn said yes. They hugged and kissed each other.

They were both so happy with their lives. They also decided to move in together. Everything was all worth it. Now, Tom, has a new girlfriend to go with his new job.

 He has all these things and is doing pretty great until he sees Summer one day, the girl who broke his heart in a café while waiting for his clients. It’s been almost a year since their day in the park, Tom doesn’t know what to do, all he knows is that he needs to talk to Summer one last time to finally let go and move on. Tom still misses her sometimes but he would never admit it. He approached Summer, she was so surprised and happy at the same time.

They talked about their lives and their present relationships. You can clearly see that they are both happy and contented with their own lives. Although Tom is really thankful and happy with his relationship with Autumn, he felt the need to talk to Summer. The clients of Tom came and Summer also needs to go. It is now time for them to say their goodbyes, Tom was so relieved and happy.  Tom went home and he told everything to Autumn and that made her very happy because he loved her because she’s Autumn, not because she is Summer.

She surprised Tom by cooking dinner for him since she knows that Tom is very tired from work. She got another surprise, she shows Tom the pregnancy test and it was positive. Tom will be a dad very soon and they are just so happy to the point that they can’t contain their emotions. They can’t wait for their future baby, they are just so excited.