In get freshness and ready to run daily life.

In almost all people, bedroom into a very important
part in daily life. Sleep is also an important process for the body, where bed
will affect all of these systems is inside the body. Where is the function is
important to get freshness and ready to run daily life. In addition to bed also
support the growth, especially against children and adolescents for a growth
hormone a lot of time. But what would happen if most people experienced less

Lack of sleep for some people due to the demands of
the activities and work to do the right time. Lack of sleep also experienced
for some students are usually they choose not to sleep due to have to do report
and the tasks that must be fall in the next day. But you know, if the lack of
sleep have the dangers of a fatal and we do a disservice to the health of the
human body. As a result of such bad, among others ; 1. It is a serious illness.
2. the depression and cognitive impairment. 3. Had a weight gain and 4. She had
memory lapses.

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As a result of lack of sleep the first is to suffer
serious illness, the lack of sleep also suffer many serious diseases. And the
most serious risk suffered by the lack of sleep is a heart disease, either in
the form of a heart attack or heart failure. This is because sleep plays an
important role for the capabilities of a person’s body in curing and repair
blood vessels and heart. That’s why someone who sleep less tend to be
vulnerable to suffering from serious diseases associated with cardiovascular.
The other may be suffered by a lack of sleep is having a heart rate is not
normal (aritmia), diabetes, stroke, or high blood pressure.

he second is to experience depression and cognitive
impairment, a lot of research that shows a lack of sleep leads to psychological
disorders including depression. People who experienced less sleep will be more
susceptible to the disorder, compared with people who get enough sleep.

The third is to experience weight gain, lack of sleep
will also lead to the metabolism slows down, because the process of digesting
the sugar is consumed during the day will be disrupted. Lack of sleep causes an
increase in hunger during the hours of the irregular, since the bodies began to
demand more food from what is needed, so that it will cause weight gain.

And the last one is to experience memory lapses, when
sleep is the time to incorporate the issues that are learned and experienced to
in the short-term memory. At the time to sleep, a neural connection for the
system memory someone had been increasing. If the cycle of disturbed sleep, and
the consolidation of memory will be impaired. Lack of sleep will also result in
a person  of which is one of the factors that cause a person easy to
forget. Sleepy also play an important role for the loss of the ability to focus
and concentration. This is what causes memory someone down if persistent.

Based on an explanation on, it can be concluded that
lack of sleep have adverse effects for the health of the body and if this
continues to be fatal to the body. Instead, the lack of sleep should be avoided
because the body also needed a break. To avoid this sleep deprivation should be
at the time to move to take advantage of the best in the afternoon to at night
can rest and avoid the dangers of sleep deprivation.