In from which you must choose, when making a

In your life there will always be two paths, from which you must choose, when making a decision. As a human, you can decide doing things right or doing things wrong, it depends on you. Taking this into account, the two stories that will be compared show the importance of your values and the consequences of your actions. Furthermore, “The Tell-Tale Heart” is a short story by the writer Edgar Allan Poe that  relates the tale of an unnamed man, the narrator actually, who tries to convince the reader of his mental sanity while he describes precisely a murder he committed. The narrator’s feelings of guilt, or his mental insanity, made him hear some sounds that resounded in his head, the heartbeat of the man he murdered, the same ones that made him despair and confess his crime. On the other hand, “The Grandfather and his Little Grandson” is more of a moral story that explains the unfair treatment that old people could receive and shows the importance of the family value. Taking the two stories into consideration, an analysis between their differences and their similarities will be made. Comparing this tales, it is understood that within the main characters of the two stories you can find a man of older age, both of them are key figures in the two stories. Considering what was just mentioned,  “The Tell-Tale Heart” exposes the old man as the victim with pale, blue and vulture eyes that, after death, was cut up and hidden under the floorboards. However, in “The Grandfather and his Little Grandson” it is direct the demonstration of the old man in the story as he represents the character of a grandfather who is struggling with the complications of the old age and life. Both stories are based in a problem, but each one of them have a different trouble. In the case of “The Tell-Tale Heart”, this is a story about guilt and madness that has as the central conflict the murder that the insane man commited. Nevertheless, in the story “The Grandfather and his Little Grandson” the main topic is the value of the family and the mistreatment of the elderly. Moreover, a fundamental difference between the two tales consists in the fact that in  “The Grandfather and his Little Grandson” exists a family link and the actual conflict is based in a familiar issue. In contrast with this story, “The Tell-Tale Heart” is a tale in which family is not the matter, but madness and suspense are consider the actual topics. Thanks to the family value that the story “The Grandfather and his Little Grandson” shows, it is right to say that this story expresses an incredible moral about the importance of caring for your family unit, whereas “The Tell-Tale Heart” tells a suspense story without any teaching. On the other hand, even though they are completely different stories in every aspect, a similarity that could be identified is that both stories have an unexpected ending. Taking this into account, in “The Tell-Tale Heart” you would have never imagined that the insane man would confess his crime and, likewise,  in “The Grandfather and his Little Grandson” you would have never thought that a little kid would be the one who could fix a family problem and allow a reflection in order to show a moral. In conclusion, after the comparison of this two stories it has been demonstrated that, even though there are more differences than similarities, the similarities that were exposed are also fundamental. Taking this into account, in my opinion, after the two stories were compared, it has been demonstrated that the hide message of both stories is the tolerance. In “The Tell-Tale Heart” the teaching is to tolerate the physical appearance of the others and in “The Grandfather and his Little Grandson” the moral consists in the fact that we need to respect the stages of life, have patience and understand each other.