In Earth. Furthermore, in some countries, people are automatically

In 1948 slavery was declared illegal everywhere in the “Declaration of Human Rights” by the United Nations (UN). However, slavery can be seen in one way or another in every country on this Earth. Furthermore, in some countries, people are automatically born into slavery. 45 million people on this Earth are slaves and 150 billion dollars are illegal profits from slavery yearly. Slavery can be identified by many circumstances some consist of the restriction of the freedom of movement and the control of person’s belongings. Some forms of slavery include the following; debt bondage, serfdom, forced labor, forced marriage and trafficking woman and child labour and servitude. People enter the status of debt bondage when their work or the work of someone else under their control is demanded to repay the money that was previously given to them. In this situations the power imbalances between the employer and the worker which provokes the worker’s human rights to get abused. Some abusive conditions include long working hours in dangerous and unhealthy places. Next, serfdom is when a person who is by law in the agreement to live and work on land that belongs to another person and to supply some service to the person for reward or not. To add on, forced labor is defined as all the work or service that is obligated from any person under the threat of any penalty, the work wasn’t offered voluntarily. This labor does not consist of ownership of a person. Moreover, selling or forcing a woman to get married or transferring a woman as an ownership between individuals or groups is a form of slavery. Lastly, child labor is defined as when any institution or practice where a child or a person under the age of 18 is delivered by either or both of his parents or guardian to another person for the purposes of reward or not, with a sense of abuse to the child on his labor. In developing countries, children are captured from their families or sold by them to obtain money for survival or in the hopes of giving their child the promised better life. On the other hand, the UN has taken some past actions since the UN’s International Court of Justice considered the protection of slavery by making obligations for the states to apply them internationally, this obligations consisted to preserve everybody’s human rights. Another past action that was put to operation on 1926 was the first global treaty on slavery by the UN’s League of Nations. Sadly, none of these actions have eradicated slavery.