In church, In chapter 24 when Atticus interrupts the

           In To Kill a Mockingbird perspective is one of the central themes in the book. There are many key perspective moments throughout the book, but these are the most critical parts.

In chapter 12 when Scout and Jem go to Calpurnia’s church,  In chapter 24 when Atticus interrupts the missionary circle and tells Alexandra and Calpurnia Tom Robinson is dead, and when Scout walks Boo Radley back to his house on in chapter 31.          In chapter 12 of To Kill a Mockingbird Scout and Jem join Calpurnia to go to her church. The kids experience a time where Calpurnia is around other black people. Calpurnia doesn’t talk like she normally does she talks more broken up to fit in with the other black people.

Jem and Scout learn a lot about the Black lives after this experience. They get more insight in why it’s so important that Tom Robinson is found not guilty. “You all know of Brother Tom Robinson’s trouble.

He has been a faithful member of First Purchase since he was a boy. The collection taken up today and for the next three Sundays will go to Helen- his wife, to help her out at home.” The quote is showing to importance Tom Robinson is to this church and how the community unites together.

The Perspective in this part is how the kids see how the some blacks see them and how the black community come together unlike the white community who just go behinds people’s backs.           In chapter 24 when Atticus tells Calpurnia and Alexandra Tom Robinson is dead. He tells them while at a missionary circle that Tom was shot trying to escape. Alexandra doesn’t have sympathy she says “This is the last straw, Atticus” Atticus wants Alexandra to see the situation in a different  perspective not a perspective of a racist. “He wasn’t Tom to them, he was an escaping prisoner.”  The quote is showing that Tom was no longer a human with human rights he was simple a prisoner.

The perspective in this part is how people’s thoughts changed about Tom, and how Alexandra needs to see the situation in a different perspective, a more open minded perspective.            In chapter 31 when Scout walks Boo Radley home. Boo asks Scout if she could walk him back to his house.

She sees how Boo is like a little kid and grabs his arm to make him feel more manly. As soon as she walks Boo she turns around and looks at her neighborhood like she has never done before. “You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them.” This quote sums up perspective, you don’t know what a person is dealing with until you put yourself in their shoes and try to live their life. The perspective in this part is pretty much all of it Scout sees how Boo lives his life now and is more accepting of him.         The book highlights many perspective instances throughout the story, but these are some of the main three.

Many lesson are taught in the book but one of the most importants one is to see life in someone else’s shoe or perspective. The three perspective moments that are stated in this essay really shows how perspective matures us and changes the way we see life. Someone’s life isn’t as easy as it seems so try and look through their shoes and always be kind.