In can improve my skills in my future job,

In my future life, I would like to become a pediatric surgeon. My mastered skills and my accomplishments can help me in this career in many ways. I have developed patience and accuracy over the past few years, and these factors would play an important role in my wanted career. To become a pediatric surgeon, there are things you need and things you don’t need. Something you need is a positive attitude, not a negative attitude. Throughout my 8th grade year, I have developed a more positive attitude, which will benefit me in my future career. An example of one of my mastered skills from 8th grade, is memorizing my locker combination. This can improve my skills in my future job, because it shows how easy it is to remember important things used daily, and even things not used daily. I have developed better social skills, which help me to talk to my peers and adults around me. This skill can help me in my career, because I would be working with lots of others, so I now know how to properly talk to them.  I have also acquired organization skills, which means I have things more organized now. My school work is organized, my brain is organized, and the environment around me is organized. During my 8th grade year, I have always gotten to class on time. This is important, because I have learned how to manage my time and use my time wisely. I have also taught myself to not procrastinate, which will help me big time in my future. I will not wait until last minute to finish my homework, projects, class work, etc. This teaches me to not save my work until the last minute when I am an adult and have job. I have also become more advanced in “marketing skills”. I have learned how to manage my money wisely and not spend it on items I will not need in the future. This is important to an adult life and having a job, because when you are living on your own, you need to be wise of how you spend your money. Lastly, I have gained more creativity during 8th grade.  All these skill contribute to my future career, because to become a pediatric surgeon, you must be creative, patient, positive, hardworking, considerate towards others, and cautious of your time.