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In health and social care, it is very important to have an idea of who and how to relate. This means that everyone must have appropriate engagement. Professional relationship must be respected in the workplace because other ways its will be a threat for the organization and who use the services of the organization.

Professional relationship- is a specific kind of relationship which is used by the people in specific  contest to create a good connection in the workplace or in other contests for processing the system. All the organizations in particular health care organization should develop a nice and strong relationship with the employees and any other member of staff also the clients . At the same time need to ensure and promote a great employee`s behaviour in working processing system which support to develop the organization.

While improving the organization, there are different professionals which are assumed to improve the professional relationship over the time. To develop a better professional relationship its require to prove ethics, principles and need to demonstrate courtesies not only to the colleagues or partners but to the service users as well. Increasing the confidentiality, trust and gaining the respect from colleagues will represent a exchange of feeling which will demonstrate that they will be at your disposal during a difficult time. It is strictly advised to avoid threatening behaviour or that could cause damage to reputation. Must keep the commitment standard of work as an example for others  as a positive  model. However over friendly relationship can influence the judgment question. Furthermore, in my workplace there are or are directly involved many other professional figures, as for example: GP, which I need to have a professional and friendly relationship and in case of emergency for my service user I have to contact and report the conditions. Family members, who in my work are a valuable help in in order to provide my care service and sometimes I also provide psychological support and counselling.

 My Manager or Supervisor, good coordination from the office is essential for my work. And my relationship with the management is very professional and they are open to dialogue in case of need. In my opinion, every management must possess these virtues. Relationship with team members- in health and social care contest the responsibilities over the employees and others figures need a higher level of policies and regulation on the working mechanism.

Tem of members must have to be helpful to each other and all the member of staff should work together in order to improve the health and social care aspects.