In and Strategic Finance. I would also like to

In my
second year of college, I opted to take a module called Investment Analysis which
was my first exposure to the financial world. It was in this class that my
passion for finance really started. To learn more I took up courses online like
“Principles of Valuation: Risk and Return” by University of Michigan and
“Corporate Finance” by Indian Institute of Management. These courses helped me
develop a framework for evaluating risk, valuing assets and get a better
understanding of tools and techniques used for investment analysis. Even though
I have learned a lot about the financial world over the past few years, my curiosity
about it still remains and I want to learn more. This is my main motivation for
joining your program.


Franklin said “An investment in education pays the best return”. A master’s
degree from University College Dublin (UCD) will provide me with with the theoretical understanding, practical
approaches and research skills to enable me to develop an expertise in the core
areas of risk management and asset valuation. The
modules offered in the program match perfectly with the courses I was looking
to get more depth in, particularly Financial Asset Valuation, Portfolio and
Risk management and Strategic Finance. I would
also like to learn about the application of quantitative analysis to problems
in these areas. Furthermore, UCD has consistently ranked high among the top
finance universities of the world, compounded with its extraordinary faculty
and its appeal among global financial companies make it an ideal choice for me.
Finally, UCD being located in Dublin is a great advantage. Dublin’s
reputation as a global financial center will augment my financial education and
make it easy for me to achieve a career in the financial sector. 

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earning my master’s degree, my initial goal would be to obtain a rigorous and
demanding job as a financial or investment professional where I will be able to
use the technical expertise and professional skills learned through your
program. I hope to gain practical experience in areas such as asset valuation,
risk management, generation of funds, maximum returns on capital and strategic
finance. In the long term, I would like to venture in to the field of social
finance where I can use my experience in finance to achieve social goals and
there by merge my passion for finance with my passion for social service.