In and behavior while at work. It is Katherines

            In the end, Katherine needs to focus some of herattention of the accuser and talk with her about making false accusations andthat she would lose her job with the practice. She can advice the employee totake a leave of absence for her doing in the situation or let her know that sheis not welcome back at the facility as an employee because there could befurther issues down the road. This needs to be taken very seriously but alsoneeds to be handled carefully because there can be legal repercussions for allparties involved.             Katherine also needs to talk to the employee aboutprevious issues of vindication and manipulation that is putting a strain of theworkplace and the public that we deal with daily. Sometimes all employees needis a little bit of direction and if there are still problems arising thataren’t being addressed the facility may want to have a ninety-day period wherethey reevaluate that employee, their performance, their work ethic, andbehavior while at work. It is Katherines responsibility to look at past issueswith the employee and terminate services if she feels she needs to do thatinstead of helping the employee with complications. When we work with thepublic it is unnecessary for employees to act a certain way while at work,other employees will complain, and the facility will have outside complaintsfrom patients and their families.             If the employee that is accusing the other employeedoesn’t bring any useable evidence to the table Katherine must take mattersinto her own hands while remaining professional or hand the situation over tosomeone that can dig into the matter more like Human Resources.

It is hard to concludewhen there is no evidence to go off and the accused employee denies the theft.Give the employee time to talk, ask questions, while you’re remaining calm.When you’re calm and professional the employee may feel more comfortabletalking to you about the incident.             In addition, if the employee that is accusing the otheremployee of theft is producing evidence of the theft and there is camerafootage that proves that the theft did indeed happen than Katherine needs to seeklegal advice before confronting the employee of the theft that took placeearlier that day because her actions can come with legal repercussions and shecould lose her job at that facility if she accuses the employee, but no hardevidence was found. Furthermore, Katherine must confront the employee andcommunicate about the situation at hand.

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Allow the employee a chance to askquestions and tell you their side of the story if its different. Depending uponthe severity of the care, Katherine may let the employee off with a warning orelse take stern action such as suspending the employee or ask for reimbursementof the items that were taken.Given this situationwhere two employees never seem to get along, one employee has a history ofbeing vindictive and manipulative but never in an obvious enough way forKatherine to have sufficient proof to reprimand the employee in writing and theother employee was seen taking drugs from the supply cabinet by the employeethat they don’t get along with very well, I will have to access the situationcarefully and fully before coming to any conclusions. While accusing someone oftheft, the accuser needs to be able to prove the accusations happened, alsoKatherine should check surveillance videos to see if the accusations are truebefore going to that employee and making the situation worse and accusing themif the theft didn’t really happen.