In an unhappy environment. An increase of divorces throughout

In studies,  people tend to divorce because of mentality reasons. People also divorce  because they may feel that their relationship lacks communication and honesty. The lead up to divorce can make you feel that partner is constantly at wrong, This creates an unhappy environment. An increase of divorces throughout people’s timelines. Increase of marriages between the ages of 20-29 year olds by 22.

3-36.6%. People might realize that they want to experience life more, and feel that time’s running out. Some people regret marrying young, making people want to divorce. They say those who also don’t have children are more likely to divorce because of differences, but people with children will hold on until the children are older and more mature than the divorce. This might be why there is a slight increase in percentage at the age of thirty-nine compared to your early thirties. Showing that at early thirties its at 5.1%, but at thirty-nine  its at 6.

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5%. Also as the divorce rates among couples continue its noticed that 40 percent are lower than couples without children.(2008-11-17, Statistics Canada). As people try to continue their marriages, Cathy Meyer stated that people divorce because of these reasons: First people lose their independence. Noticing that a large amount of people can take a little  humility,  we become less faithful and trusting with our partners.

People find it difficult  to admit that they need help or something is wrong, this often distances people. As it continues, couples start to not fight fair and seek advantages for being right, this can make the person think that their partner is always wrong in their perspective. Its common for relationships to fight, but resentment and creating distance from your spouse can cause miscommunication . The inability to fight, make-up, forgive and move on with the marriage is something that is a struggle with couples. The third reason being that people don’t move on from “My way or The highway” mentality. Couples are often to seek comfort somewhere else if things aren’t working out in their marriage, and people have different views on what love should be like, and how they want to be treated. We live in a disposable society, Marriages are thrown away and can be seen as a trend instead of a long-term commitment.

People look for a quick fix, something that can satisfy their needs and if those needs aren’t satisfied some feel it is easier to divorce their spouse and move on to the next relationship (Cathy Meyer)Couples continue to divorce because they can get comfortable or use to the person, making them treat them how they feel like and then making their spouse act indifferent towards them. The rates in Canada has increased after the divorce law reform since 1986 (Canadian Points of View: Divorce Rate. 2016). This is a continuation about how couple now sees divorce as disposable and since it’s easier to divorce, couples don’t see it as a lifelong commitment with your partner, they and starting to treat it as acceptable and normal to get divorced at a certain time in your marriage. Women were far more likely (44%) than men (8%) to report that domestic violence was a major reason for their split.

Using this research, divorce may affect others because of our history with marriages. Also,  a key point is blaming others. When he brings up about blaming others, this is a key aspect when it comes to how people divorce. People blamed their ex for their marriage ending (33%) than blamed themselves (5%). This relates to how people think of others psychologically and how people may try to solve their problems through selfish needs.

(Reasons People Give for Divorce November 30, 2017). Records reveal that serious problems in their marriages, such as domestic abuse, adultery, desertion, etc. These conflicts indicate that many ordinary people could not and did not live according to the ideals of marriage and family. It’s said that it is still seen today within our society because people still have the same beliefs and traditions as they did back then. Its common for people to find someone else and create a harsher life for their spouse. This opens up divorce because people are realising that they don’t have to live like this for the rest of their lives. People sought better lives, instead of improving their marriages. Terminating their marital union and having separations is common throughout history and seen today (Nov 1, 2016, Carolyn Corretti).

In conclusion, I have noticed many things about the reasons of divorce and how it has to do with age, society and the wellbeing of the person within the relationship.