In almost 2500 years ago. Romans as well tried

In today’s time, in the UnitedStates. Democracy is used as a term meaning, “The people Rule.

” Democracy, is aform of government that is ‘ruled by the people’ of a country through countlesselections and protest, though really democracy is a form of republic. A.K.ADemocratic Republic.

Republic, is a form of government. Where people also knownas officials get elected by a group of people whom make very important decisions.Democracy has been around for Just aslong as Athens, Greece first became a democracy which was almost 2500 yearsago. Romans as well tried experimenting with democracy, though they leaned moretowards republic. Later, around the 1700’s, the United States of America turnedinto a democracy. In the first decade of our nations ‘premature ‘existence,many found it hard to picture the U.S could ever become a great democracy. A democracy that many would preferto say with a hateful reasoning.

 In1776, the United States won its first independence, there was a small unitedgroup of people that were left to defend themselves. That group then became anation and with that creating more than just winning the nations independence,from Great Britain. In the year 1783, the country then began to form itspremature stages.

In 1787, that baby then develops into a nation. In 1787,people then began to perceive that the constitution presented what peopledesired the nation to be; federalist presumed this. Anti-Federalist watched outfor signs that were seen to be threatening many republic principles which hadbeen fought for during the American Revolution.

Soon after winning the war,Unity and optimism with American’s hadn’t translated easily for the creation ofa strong central government. Federalists and Anti-Federalist opposed each other, andby the early 1700’s and late 1800’s, a political division occurred amongst bothhouses. The Anti-federalist, most came from the south, were then labeled ‘Jeffersonian’.

That label came from defending of slavery and the 3rd president ofthe United States, Thomas Jefferson. Who was commonly known for owning manyslaves. The Southerners had agreed with mostly all of Jefferson’s views. Both houseshowever believed in two very strict interpretations of the constitution, thefirst being peaceful foreign relations, and the second being a reduction offederal government in lives of its citizens. Both Federalist andAnti-Federalist disagreed to strong governments, and felt the states should beable to hold power to govern. Federalists believed the constitution, should be remadeand America should be following to make laws and judgments. They wanted thestates to be organized, that way a strong federal power could only govern inorder to keep plenty of power for the economy, war, and as well as ruling.

Manyopposed that type of government though only because it was exactly the wayGreat Britain ruled.  The united states, was then split from North to Southbecause of the two very diverse groups and their followers. North wasconsidered home to manufacturers and industries, farming however was not theireconomic base. Crops weren’t able to grow throughout the year because offreezing weather; therefore, saves weren’t of use during off seasons. In thenorth it wasn’t very safe or very resourceful to own slaves, due to them beingvery expensive and difficult to maintain.  Slaves were commonly used for manual labor,and because the north held industries to work. many feared they will acquire knowledgeand a sense of power so they were basically nonexistent in the north. In thesouth however, many farm owners owned slaves to use them for manual labor infields.

Men were typically used for the manual labor and woman for basichousehold work. Though many typically believe that everyone in the south ownedslaves which is not true at all, only wealthy household could afford andmaintain slaves. The slaves were abducted from their home in Africa and weretreated as animals by their “owners”, and because slaves were owned they wereconsidered to be property meaning owners can do however fit they wanted withthem. With that being said, it was a great big threat to the democracy that wasarising, because it went against everything the democracy was supposed to bestanding for.  Slavery wasignored, at the time because it was not noted in the constitution and due tothat the government ignored it. Around that time there were greater threats tothe democracy of the United states that were way more important than dealingwith slaves. The nations citizens had a very optimistic view on manifest destiny.

Many benefits that go with the democratic society callfor an amendable constitution. Though nevertheless, strength will alwaysoutweigh the weakness and as evidence, the overall conditions of the citizen,and equal opportunities that are available to all.